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By Russ Hudson, April 30, 2017 0 Cannabis Interviews

Oriol Casals Madrid is not only one of Spain’s leading cannabis activists, he’s also the top cannabis lawyer in Barcelona. As the director of the alternative-defense law firm Casa Paraula, and the founder of drug law and research dissemination organization Observatorio Civil de Drogas, Oriol has been instrumental in keeping the Spanish cannabis industry alive and healthy. But he’s also come a long way; from getting busted with Moroccan hashish at the age of 18, to defending the rights of cannabis supporters in parliament today, Oriol’s work in the hemp and marijuana industry is constantly evolving. Read Full Interview Here

By Rachel Clark, April 20, 2017 0 Cannabis Interviews

In this interview with David Madilyan, president of the private cannabis association HQ Barcelona, we get insight into the personal life of one of the city’s most well-respected figures in the cannabis industry. Read Full Interview Here

By Russ Hudson, February 24, 2017 1 Cannabis Interviews

Paris Mato is a cannabis extracts maker based in Barcelona, Spain. His tiny but wide-reaching company, Judas Iscariote, has become the largest producer of marijuana extracts in Catalunya in just three short years. Mato’s creations can be found inside more than 50 private cannabis clubs in Spain and include marijuana tinctures, creams and salves, personal lubricants, E-cigarette cartridges and more. Read Full Interview Here