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By Rachel Clark, January 2, 2017 1 Marijuana Organizations

The Hash, Hemp & Marihuana Museum in Barcelona is one of just 2 comprehensive marijuana museums in the world.  Showcasing everything from ancient uses of hemp and related artifacts to prohibitionist propaganda, to pipes, bongs and smuggling equipment, this weed museum covers nearly everything related to cannabis.  The museum is an excellent resource for members of Barcelona’s famous private cannabis social clubs. Read Full Museum Review Here

By Russ Hudson, November 16, 2015 0 Marijuana Organizations

The Cannabis College in Amsterdam is a non-profit organization that offers educational services and activism related to cannabis. Dedicated to helping people learn about hemp and marijuana, the Cannabis College opened in 1998. Today its passion for service and influence in the cannabis industry has made it a household name in this Dutch city famous for its coffeeshops. In fact, if you’re in Amsterdam and you don’t visit the Cannabis College, you’re missing out on a fundamental part of the marijuana culture that exists in the most famous of all 420-friendly cities. Read Full Story Here