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By Russ Hudson, March 24, 2014 2 Weed Accessories

Reviver clothing wipes are great for hiding the smell of marijuana; an unfortunate but necessary need for users of cannabis all over the world. Just smoked some good green and now have to pass your non-smoking colleagues in the hall? Reviver wipes remove the smell of weed from your clothes and hair. Don’t want to smell like a roach in a crowded space? Reviver clothing wipes are exactly what you need, and I tested them personally to make sure they work. Read Full Reviver Review Here

By Russ Hudson, March 17, 2014 20 Marijuana News

Comparing Barcelona cannabis social clubs to Amsterdam coffee shops isn’t easy. In fact, it’s not really a fair comparison to attempt, but since so many people insist that one is better than the other, this post is designed to set the record straight in the most even-handed way possible. I’ve lived in Amsterdam and I’ve lived in Barcelona. I’ve done professional reviews of cannabis social clubs and coffee shops and weed strains found at each within the last few months (2013-2014), and what I’ve found is that you cannot definitively state that one is better than the other. Read Full Article Here

By Russ Hudson, March 5, 2014 8 Marijuana Strain Reviews

Blue Caramel Dream is a cannabis strain that has been developed by an undisclosed grower and geneticist out of California. The strain is an indica dominant hybrid that was created by crossing the Blueberry Strain with Cream Caramel and Northern Lights. I find this particularly interesting because I don’t consider Northern Lights to be a premium strain, but the resultant Blue Caramel Dream is indeed a high-grade premium marijuana strain. Read Full Strain Review Here

By Russ Hudson, March 3, 2014 0 Marijuana Strain Reviews

This marijuana strain review is for LA Blue, which is a new cannabis strain developed by an ambitious grower located in California. The LA Blue marijuana strain is a cross between the infamous LA Confidential and Blue Dream. This cross is an Indica dominant hybrid, but I am not sure of the percentages. Based on my experience, I’m going to guess it’s somewhere in the 60-70% Indica range. And considering that I picked this strain up in the frigid state of Maine, this weed is a long way from home. Read Full Strain Review Here

By Rachel Clark, February 12, 2014 0 Marijuana News

Learning how to store cannabis seeds shouldn’t be hard, but every red-eyed stoner thinks they have the perfect method and unfortunately many of them are just plain wrong. Not to mention there are a number of warnings that should go along with different types of cannabis seed storage methods that are often missed. Seriously – how many times have you acquired some seeds, only to lose 50% or more of them as duds? It happens all the time, and the primary reason is because people don’t know how to store cannabis seeds. Read Full Story Here

By Russ Hudson, February 8, 2014 5 Marijuana Strain Reviews

The Violator Kush marijuana strain is comparable in potency to other Kush varieties I’ve tried like Pineapple Kush, Afghan Kush, Cranberry Kush, OG Kush and Gold Kush, but it definitely lacks the delicious flavors of these other varieties. Overall it’s an excellent Indica-dominant hybrid, but though others claim it has superior medicinal properties, I disagree unless you’re talking about pain located in the head or neck. Violator Kush does not provide a high that extends below the neck, so if you’re looking for this property in a medicinal marijuana strain, move along. But if you want a strong and long-acting Kush strain to get high on while remaining physically active, this might be exactly what you need. Read Full Strain Review Here

By Russ Hudson, February 6, 2014 11 Marijuana News

Cannabis supporters loudly proclaim that there will be no deaths as a result of marijuana legalization, but this just isn’t true. The fact is that the casualties of marijuana legalization will be vast and prolonged, but they won’t be what you’re expecting. It won’t be people dying off; it will be industries. Marijuana is a powerful opponent to many industries, and some of the most at-risk industries are the same ones that sought to kill the plant off to begin with. But now marijuana is back, and she’s come to claim her victims. Read Full Story Here

By Rachel Clark, February 4, 2014 0 Marijuana Stories

Even with prohibition seemingly coming to an end, persecution of the fledgling marijuana industry has forced difficult decisions upon those who have worked to overcome the long odds in the war on weed. This is especially true of Amsterdam’s Sensi Seed bank, which had to take measures in order to preserve some of the world’s most vital medical cannabis seed stocks. However, preserving the core of the company’s seed banks came at a cost; the loss of some key features that had once made the company famous for being much more than a seed bank. This is the story of how Sensi Seeds worked to preserve the marijuana strains and genetic material that was the life’s work of one Dutch man, his family and his friends. Read Full Story Here

By Russ Hudson, January 20, 2014 2 Marijuana News

This seedbank review is for ASG in Amsterdam. I conducted this seedbank review in mid-December 2013 completely on a whim while writing about coffeeshops in the city. Ironically, I bought some seeds once at a nearby shop around 13 years ago, but I chickened out and left them behind when I flew back to the US. This time I was interested in learning more than in buying cannabis seeds, but if you’re looking for some premium cannabis seeds, ASG in Amsterdam has everything you need and more – including some marijuana strains developed exclusively by All Star Genetics. Read Full Seedbank Review Here

By Russ Hudson, January 13, 2014 99 Cannabis Club Reviews

Green Age cannabis club in Barcelona is quite possibly the city’s best cannabis social club. With original artistic decor, a marijuana selection unlike that of any other dispensary and a few special surprises that I’ll tell you about in the review below, Green Age cannabis club is a smashing example of everything that a good smoker’s organization should be. The club manages to be hip and chill, abstract but down-to-earth, exclusive but warm, and above all else – dedicated to the cause that we’re gathered here for: freedom to use marijuana. Read Full Club Review Here

By Russ Hudson, January 9, 2014 470 Cannabis Club Reviews

I get a lot of questions from readers about Barcelona’s cannabis clubs. Questions range from “How Can I get Membership at a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?” to “Is Weed Legal in Spain?” to questions about the club’s use of personal information and many others. Of course, there’s also no shortage of questions about the actual marijuana on offer in Barcelona. Because many of these questions follow a common theme, I thought this short but direct list of the 10 most important things you need to know about Barcelona’s cannabis clubs might help shed some light on what is – by necessity – a private industry. Read More Here

By Russ Hudson, January 6, 2014 0 Cannabis Club Reviews

I first went to Bluebird Coffeeshop in Amsterdam in 2001, and at the time I remember distinctly that the place was hopping. Located a block and a half from always-busy Nieumarkt, I wasn’t surprised to see that Bluebird Coffeeshop is just as busy in 2014 as it was more than a decade ago. A brightly colored and vibrant place, Bluebird offers a little bit of something for everyone; from arcade games to homemade smoothies to plenty of artistically decorated hang out nooks and crannies, Bluebird Coffeeshop in Amsterdam is definitely worth a visit. Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here

By Russ Hudson, January 2, 2014 4 Marijuana Strain Reviews

The Blueberry marijuana strain is the second strain I was able to acquire since arriving in the United States in mid-December. At first I scored some Pineapple Express but smoked it too fast to do a review. Fortunately, I had my camera and pen ready when I got my hands on the Blueberry strain. Overall this is not my typical experience in the States, as most of the time you have no idea what strain you’re getting. But as I surmised in a recent post, we’re all experiencing the Changing of the Cannabis Quo. Read Full Strain Review Here

By Russ Hudson, December 31, 2013 10 Cannabis Club Reviews

The Bulldog Coffeeshop in Amsterdam has been a household name among the native Dutch and among millions of tourists for more than 2 decades. With multiple locations spread throughout the city, Bulldog Coffeeshop has one of the best branding schemes of any local company that I’ve seen, and I’ve lived in Amsterdam during three different times in my life. But for 13 years I avoided Bulldog because I thought it was nothing more than a frat-boy tourist trap. I am happy to say that I was absolutely, 100% wrong. Bulldog Coffeeshop is awesome! Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here

By Russ Hudson, December 26, 2013 16 Marijuana Strain Reviews

The Cheese Marijuana strain has suddenly become one of my all-time favorite types of cannabis, despite my initial resistance to try the version sold in Barcelona, Spain. After having tried the Cheese strain several times in Amsterdam over the years, I didn’t understand why the Catalonians listed Cheese at the top of Barcelona’s cannabis clubs weed menus, as I just didn’t like the strain. But thankfully I had occasion to try the Spanish version of Cheese, and I’m glad I did because it’s one of the best marijuana strains ever developed. Read Full Strain Review Here

By Russ Hudson, December 23, 2013 0 Cannabis Club Reviews

This Amsterdam coffeeshop review is for Green Place at Kloveniersburgwal 4, close to the southern end of the Red Light District. I stumbled upon Green Place by chance in early December 2013 and finally got my hands on some Jack Herrer, which I have been trying to find for the last several months. At only 7 Euro per gram, I was shocked at how inexpensive it was, but I forgot the cardinal rule of buying anything whatsoever; you get what you pay for. I didn’t really like the Jack Herrer and in fact never bothered to write a review on it, but I did like Green Place. A small but stylish and clean coffeeshop, Green Place has an excellent weed and hash selection that should keep most smokers happy. Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here

By Russ Hudson, December 16, 2013 4 Cannabis Club Reviews

This Barcelona cannabis club review is for Jammin on Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt. Located close to Placa Cataluña and the hustle and bustle of all the action on the upper end of La Rambla and Via Laietana, the Jammin smoking club is one of several Bob Marley/Reggae themed cannabis clubs in Barcelona. A sparse club that was obviously put together on a budget, Jammin is more focused on providing good weed at a fair member share cost than spending cash on nice furniture, paint, and special events. Read Full Review Here

By Russ Hudson, December 15, 2013 6 Marijuana Strain Reviews

The Nuken marijuana strain is a lot like a cake that’s just too beautiful to eat. Nuken is so fantastically gorgeous to look at that you might hesitate to break it up and smoke it. In fact, of all the marijuana strains I’ve reviewed for this site so far, Nuken was the most beautiful. A deliciously appealing weed, the Nuken marijuana strain is less potent than you’d think it would be based on looks alone, making this a strong 4 Star performer that doesn’t miss the 5 Star mark by much. Of course, given the choice of a 5 Star strain over this one, I’d admire the Nuken but smoke the more potent weed. Read Full Strain Review Here

By Russ Hudson, December 14, 2013 2 Cannabis Club Reviews

Coffeeshop Solo on Korte Koningsstraat in Amsterdam is one of my favorite places in the center of the old city. What makes it so special is that Coffeeshop Solo has the best service of any place in town. The staff consists of a select group of friendly people who have always made me feel right at home. Add to this the fact that this Dutch coffeeshop in Amsterdam is slightly hidden from the average annoying tourist, and Coffeeshop Solo becomes an excellent way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city without ever actually leaving it. Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here

By Russ Hudson, December 9, 2013 4 Cannabis Club Reviews

The Smoke Green Cannabis Club on Carrer de Girona in Barcelona is a private smoking club that I’ll never forget, thanks to a cannabis “tasting” where I discovered an amazing new strain. Smoke Green provides ample space for members to spread out and chill, but more importantly, it’s obvious that they take cannabis seriously. As this review will testify, Smoke Green grows some of the best marijuana I’ve had since being here. Read Full Club Review Here