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Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Blueberry: 4 of 5 Stars

The Blueberry marijuana strain is the second strain I was able to acquire since arriving in the United States in mid-December. At first I scored some Pineapple Express but smoked it too fast to do a review. Fortunately, I had my camera and pen ready when I got my hands on the Blueberry strain. Overall this is not my typical experience in the States, as most of the time you have no idea what strain you’re getting. But as I surmised in a recent post, we’re all experiencing the Changing of the Cannabis Quo.

Blueberry: Look & Feel

Blueberry is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that is well-known for tasting like blueberries, but I also found that the strainPile of Blueberry weed looks a little bit like blueberries too. The leaves are dark and purple-blue tinted, and the variety that I acquired in my home State of Vermont (where small amounts for personal use is not a crime) consisted entirely of small-medium, noticeably round buds.

The buds were moderately sticky, but of all the strains I’ve reviewed in the last 2 months (35+ strains), it probably had the least amount of visible trichromes. You can see this in the photos, and when compared to the photographs from my other marijuana strain reviews, the difference is obvious.

But like I learned when I reviewed the Sweet Afghani strain, one should never judge a book by its cover, and if you skip to the potency section of this article, you’ll see why this is no exception here.

Bluberry cannabis strain in the handBlueberry: Taste & Smell

The Blueberry marijuana strain smells a lot like fermented hay or the weeks-old grass clippings that get stuck on the underside of your mower. It had a dusky sort of scent that in my experience is the mark of weed that has been cured hastily or improperly. I think this curing process also changed the appearance of the finished product, as the strain looked a little homegrown compared to its potential as noted here in High Times:

Fortunately, the taste is quite nice and is indeed reminiscent of blueberries. It’s a high fruity note that sits up on the back of your tongue, but this taste quickly gives way to something resembling old coffee after a bowl pack has been hit with a lighter 3 or 4 times. The taste is greatly improved by smoking from a clean bong.

Blueberry: Potency

There’s no doubt that the Blueberry marijuana strain is potent, but it has some interesting properties that I haven’t experienced with other types of cannabis;

1.) Smoking Other Strains Reduces Potency

When smoking the Blueberry strain, I noticed that if I also smoked other strains within a short time span, that the high from each seemed to conflict with each other. Overall the effect was a distinct lessening of the high.

2.) The Potency of the High is Unpredictable

I smoked about a 1/4 ounce of this strain and I could never predict exactly what the high would do. Sometimes it would be strong enough to send me into gales of laughter, while other times it was a mellow and quiet high. Sometimes I’d get so high that I’d have to make an effort to keep things together, while other times I would forget that I had even smoked at all.

Blueberry: Duration

As indicated previously, the duration of the high from Blueberry is negatively affected by smoking other strains. However, it isBlueberry marijuana strain closeup No 1 also affected by eating, exercise, high-energy work, social situations and other stimulus. Therefore, it seems to me that this strain is best used when you don’t have anywhere to go and nothing more pressing to do than play video games or watch movies.

The high can last as long as 3 hours for a veteran smoker, so I imagine a novice could get 4-6 hours out of it.


The particular variety of the Blueberry marijuana strain that I got in Vermont was pretty strange. When compared to the Pineapple Express I had prior to the Blueberry and the South Island Skunk that I’m smoking now, Blueberry is just as potent but overall is rather unpredictable. I would buy this weed again if there wasn’t anything better around, but right now the South Island Skunk is much better so I’ll stick with that and only come back to the Blueberry if the supply dries up.

Have you tried the Blueberry strain? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Blueberry: 4 of 5 Stars


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4 Comments on "Marijuana Strain Review: Blueberry"

  1. danny September 18, 2016 at 18:11 - Reply

    Hello Russ, I was trying to look for your review on the Pineapple Express and you said that you smoked it too fast to write a review about it, was wondering if you could consider writing a review about it someday.


    • Russ Hudson September 18, 2016 at 22:19 - Reply

      Hola Danny; if I run into the strain and 100% know that it is legitimate, I will definitely review it. Grab my RSS and you’ll get updated as soon as it’s published. Peace -Russ

  2. jay April 17, 2015 at 09:59 - Reply

    This is my night time smoke Russ, I agree with only 4 stars, because the real blueberry grown organically will have you taking a lie down and then sleep within 30 minutes. The only thing stronger than blueberry for sleep med is black domina. Keep looking for a better one Russ! Good Review.

    • Russ Hudson April 17, 2015 at 10:51 - Reply

      I don’t know man, I have tried Black Domina here in Spain a few times, during different crop cycles, and it never really did much for me. Right now BCN for sleep I am finding that Zombie Kush is the best option. It’s extremely potent!