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By Sophie Green, May 31, 2014 136 Cannabis Club Reviews

La Mesa cannabis club is located on Carrer del Rec, in the Borne district of Barcelona. As one of Barcelona’s finest cannabis social clubs, La Mesa encourages its members to hang out, relax, meet other people, work, share ideas and promote initiatives as entrepreneurs instead of just as quick in-and-out smoker’s club customers. Producing extremely high-quality premium cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, La Mesa categorically lives up to its slogan; “Smoking Hot Since 2012.” The club is hot and so is the pot; check out this review and see what they’ve got. 😉 Read Full Strain Review Here

By Russ Hudson, May 18, 2014 151 Marijuana News

Barcelona coffee shops are private by law; they are quite different than Amsterdam’s coffee shops or Denver’s dispensaries. I get several hundred emails each month from people asking questions about the coffee shops in Barcelona, and it’s obvious that there is a lot of misinformation out there. If you’re looking to get a membership at a coffee shop in Barcelona, it’s important that you understand that you will be held to a higher standard as a member. Therefore, you should commit these study points to memory so that – if you do become a member of a Barcelona coffee shop – you’ll be a valuable new member and not just a selfish turd that only cares about getting high. Read Full Story Here

By Ellie Robichaud, March 25, 2014 25 Cannabis Club Reviews

One look inside La Mente cannabis club of Barcelona is all it takes to realize it is not your average stoner den. The room is bathed in light and happy smokers chat loudly to each other over the house music. Truthfully, this is the kind of spot I have been looking for in Barcelona; an upbeat place to hang out for an hour or two to do some writing away from my apartment; a happy contrast from the heavily wood-paneled cafés of the city. The fact that the LaMente cannabis social club hosts a good variety of marijuana strains and plenty of electrical sockets is a major added bonus. Read Full Club Review Here

By Russ Hudson, March 17, 2014 20 Marijuana News

Comparing Barcelona cannabis social clubs to Amsterdam coffee shops isn’t easy. In fact, it’s not really a fair comparison to attempt, but since so many people insist that one is better than the other, this post is designed to set the record straight in the most even-handed way possible. I’ve lived in Amsterdam and I’ve lived in Barcelona. I’ve done professional reviews of cannabis social clubs and coffee shops and weed strains found at each within the last few months (2013-2014), and what I’ve found is that you cannot definitively state that one is better than the other. Read Full Article Here

By Russ Hudson, January 13, 2014 99 Cannabis Club Reviews

Green Age cannabis club in Barcelona is quite possibly the city’s best cannabis social club. With original artistic decor, a marijuana selection unlike that of any other dispensary and a few special surprises that I’ll tell you about in the review below, Green Age cannabis club is a smashing example of everything that a good smoker’s organization should be. The club manages to be hip and chill, abstract but down-to-earth, exclusive but warm, and above all else – dedicated to the cause that we’re gathered here for: freedom to use marijuana. Read Full Club Review Here

By Russ Hudson, January 9, 2014 470 Cannabis Club Reviews

I get a lot of questions from readers about Barcelona’s cannabis clubs. Questions range from “How Can I get Membership at a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?” to “Is Weed Legal in Spain?” to questions about the club’s use of personal information and many others. Of course, there’s also no shortage of questions about the actual marijuana on offer in Barcelona. Because many of these questions follow a common theme, I thought this short but direct list of the 10 most important things you need to know about Barcelona’s cannabis clubs might help shed some light on what is – by necessity – a private industry. Read More Here

By Russ Hudson, December 16, 2013 4 Cannabis Club Reviews

This Barcelona cannabis club review is for Jammin on Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt. Located close to Placa Cataluña and the hustle and bustle of all the action on the upper end of La Rambla and Via Laietana, the Jammin smoking club is one of several Bob Marley/Reggae themed cannabis clubs in Barcelona. A sparse club that was obviously put together on a budget, Jammin is more focused on providing good weed at a fair member share cost than spending cash on nice furniture, paint, and special events. Read Full Review Here

By Russ Hudson, December 9, 2013 4 Cannabis Club Reviews

The Smoke Green Cannabis Club on Carrer de Girona in Barcelona is a private smoking club that I’ll never forget, thanks to a cannabis “tasting” where I discovered an amazing new strain. Smoke Green provides ample space for members to spread out and chill, but more importantly, it’s obvious that they take cannabis seriously. As this review will testify, Smoke Green grows some of the best marijuana I’ve had since being here. Read Full Club Review Here

By Russ Hudson, November 28, 2013 4 Cannabis Club Reviews

Alhambra is a beautiful, Middle-Eastern themed cannabis social club located on Carrer Doctor Dou in Barcelona. Although it’s near La Rambla, the club is well out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the surrounding touristy areas and is a great place to hang out and smoke some dank buds in a peaceful, clean and relaxed environment.  Alhambra also offers dinner and music every Friday night, free for all members. And when the dinner and music is over, another band comes in and the live music continues until 1AM, so if you’re a member here you can basically book your Fridays in advance each month. Read Full Cannabis Club Review Here

By Rachel Clark, November 20, 2013 35 Cannabis Club Reviews

The 4:20 cannabis social club is one of the newest to join the cannabis club scene in Barcelona, but unlike many clubs of the latest wave they have done so with a very clear concept as you’ll see in this review. On the inside club 4:20 is clean but rustic and offers wide open spaces to socialize and relax. Read Full Club Review Here

By Russ Hudson, November 16, 2013 21 Cannabis Club Reviews

Sweet Dreams is an aptly named cannabis club located on Carrer de Ballester in Barcelona. It’s aptly named because it has sweet artwork throughout, a sweet selection of weed and some pretty sweet extras. This club even offers a cannabis strain that is also called “Sweet Dreams,” which is the subject of another review. I knew right away that this was a 5 Star cannabis club, and if you go check it out yourself I’m certain you’ll agree with me that Sweet Dreams is, well, pretty damn sweet. Read Full Review Here

By Russ Hudson, November 9, 2013 40 Cannabis Club Reviews

RDM is a private cannabis club in Barcelona that will almost certainly become one of the top clubs in the city in the coming years. Already one of the most stunning and trendy of Barcelona’s cannabis clubs, RDM is currently undergoing renovations that will soon make it even better. And considering that RDM has an interesting and fairly large selection of marijuana available to its members, this could be the last Barcelona cannabis club you ever join. Read Full Review Here

By Russ Hudson, November 2, 2013 3 Cannabis Club Reviews

The Kush cannabis club in Barcelona (Kush ACCB) has a great selection of marijuana strains and some other pot-related goodies, but what really sets this cannabis club apart are the many extracurricular activities it offers. I’ve been to this club a few times since becoming a member and recommend it for a number of reasons, but there’s a bit of a story behind my membership at Kush, and it’s connected to my negative review of the Betty Boop cannabis club. Read Full Review Here

By Russ Hudson, October 25, 2013 18 Cannabis Club Reviews

This cannabis club review is for the Abcda club on Av. del Marques de l’Argentera in Barcelona, Spain. This is now one of my favorite spots in the city and on occasion I have gone more than once in a day to hang out and get premium, icky-sticky dank nugs. Abcda doesn’t have a huge selection of weed like other cannabis clubs in Barcelona, but they don’t need to because they have chosen their strains wisely. Read Full Review Here.

By Russ Hudson, October 19, 2013 27 Cannabis Club Reviews

My first impression of the Betty Boop Cannabis Club on Maria Cubi in Barcelona was good, but that quickly changed and at this point I’ll never go back there. To be fair, the club does have a large variety of marijuana, edibles, some hash and even some pain salves. But overall my experience at Betty Boop isn’t something I’d like to repeat. However, your experience may be different, and if you live near Maria Cubi this might just be the best private cannabis club in Barcelona for you. Read Full Review Here

By Russ Hudson, October 6, 2013 348 Marijuana Stories

Need to know how to get marijuana in Barcelona, Spain? I did too, until about a week ago when I moved to Barceloneta; a Barrio of Barcelona. I smoke pot several times a day, so when I moved here I did tons of research about how to get marijuana in Barcelona, and none of what I found turned out to be entirely true. Thankfully, I’m sitting here right now with three types of badass weed and a huge hash turd, and if you can make your way through this post I’ll tell you exactly how you can get marijuana in Barcelona safely. Read More Here