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By Russ Hudson, February 22, 2016 59 Marijuana Stories

If you’re trying to figure out how to get marijuana in Madrid, you’re not alone; each month thousands of people set out with this task in mind, but not everyone is successful, and not everyone who is successful in acquiring some weed is happy about it. This article details the three primary methods of getting marijuana in Madrid and assumes that you don’t already have a connection or know someone in the city. Read Full Story Here

By Russ Hudson, February 22, 2016 76 Marijuana News

If you’re considering joining a cannabis club in Madrid, Spain, the following is a list of the 9 most important things that you need to know about Madrid’s cannabis clubs and how they work. Cannabis social clubs in Madrid are not at all like the coffeeshops of Amsterdam or the dispensaries of Denver, so it’s important to understand the differences before you attempt to join a private cannabis club in Madrid. Read Full Story Here

By Russ Hudson, February 21, 2016 62 Cannabis Club Reviews

Los Secretos de Maria cannabis club in Madrid is a simple, down-to-earth association dedicated to providing its members with a diverse selection of high quality marijuana and hashish. Staffed exclusively by the founding members of the association, Los Secretos de Maria is probably the only cannabis club in Madrid where – like the famous American TV show Cheers used to say – “everybody knows your name.” That’s the main focus of this Madrid social club and they’ve done a great job of it; to create a small member base of cannabis connoisseurs that can support each other with a safe and consistent supply of marijuana. Read Full Madrid Cannabis Club Review Here