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One of the most hotly disputed issues regarding marijuana legalization is dependence or addiction rates among users. This survey is designed to compile and report statistics related to marijuana dependence and addiction.  The survey seeks to determine if marijuana addiction is a legitimate condition and to report on its prevalence – or lack thereof.  All answers are completely, 100% confidential and no personal information will ever be collected.  In order to compile accurate and trustworthy results from this survey, we ask that all survey respondents be active or former marijuana users and that ALL questions in the survey are answered and answered honestly.  If you’d like to be placed on a list to receive the results of this survey when they are published, then please use our Contact form to request receipt.

Do you agree to abide by the terms of this survey, and do you explicitly state that you personally have at some point in your life actively used marijuana?
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11 thoughts on “Marijuana Addiction Survey Gateway

  1. cannabis has medical benefits and using it in the right way for medicative purposes can never make one addictive.

  2. Weed has always been addictive. Here is a simply reasoning from a person that smoked for 4 years straight, very very heavy:
    When you start smoking weed, it quickly affects you, you may not even like it. Eventually you may develop a “taste” for weed, being accustomed to a state of weed, the previous connotations of weed feeling may become more acceptable to your own psyche. Hook #1: habit.

    Habit turns into a pattern, pattern terms into an acquired taste. You start searching for different strains to make you feel EXACTLY what you want to feel. You start tricking your mind by finding what “feels” right, essentially on the quest for the feeling. Search for a feeling is Hook#2

    Within Hook#2 lays an everlasting addiction, because at this point you take it as coffee, with much more mind altering affect. The problem in an addiction is the search of a feeling, within that search lays a long psychological addiction.

    Biggest thing I hear from any weedhead is “I can always quick, bro!”. Well can you?
    You are still smoking it, what difference does your phrase make if you quit and back on it.
    It’s called relapse in medical terms. Weed may not make you rob your Mom at gunpoint, but it may make you do questionable things, such as stealing.

    I refuse to see the heaviness of crime or severity of your willingness to sacrifice moral ground as an addiction factor. People who are addicted to coffee do not rob coffee houses, but psychologically and many times are physically addicted to weed.

    Just because cannabinoid binds to your brain, does NOT equate natural. It simply equates acceptance of the brain to it. Meth also binds to your brain, but it displaces natural dopamine receptors with meth dopamine. Just because something feels natural, does not make it so.

    I studied psychology greatly, and have a medical degree in hypnotherapy. So, I work with a mind on levels of addiction as well. What I can tell you is this: Addiction is always there in ANY mind altering substance.

    After 4 years of me smoking weed, I realized that my health was heavily affected. My heart was not feeling right. Within first year of quitting I felt such uplift, like I aged backwards 10 years, and my skin tone became clear as a 12 year old, my eyes were bright and radiant. My brain response, and neuron firing was on point. My memory came back, I could think precise and clear, and I was truly free.

    What I have searched in weed was an illusion of being free. Being free on weed is false, because feeling is gathered from smoking weed. It’s not achieved by meditation or enjoyment of life, it’s false happiness. Just like every other drug.

    I no longer drink, it’s been more than 9 years, and I am feeling great, without supplementing it with any substance, but healthy food.

    When I see weed these days, I am very neutral to it myself, I feel nothing to it. It just seems like a controlling substance. I smoked 3 times since 2008, and I realized that there is nothing in weed that makes me feel better than being sober.

    The problem for any man or a woman is that they are unhappy, and substance that alleviates that unhappiness is the strongest Hook#3. In no time you are calling it medicine, and in no time you are bound to a substance that you think frees your mind and body.

    False freedom, and if you are truly free from weed…quit for 1 to 2 years. That’s mind over matter, and then keep quitting for 1-2 years all your life, if you can do so…I will agree it’s not addictive. But I call your bluff, because you are still smoking it.

    Non-addictive when you can smoke it once a year, and not do it for 3 years, but it doesn’t work that way, does it?

    Because it’s an addictive substance, I just never sugar coated it for myself, let alone for others.
    After treating addicts for years, I realized a simple concept:

    Your excuses are the biggest proof of your addiction.

    “I will quit if I want”
    “Weed is from the Earth man”
    “They smoked weed for centuries”

    Yeah, well, many people were stupid for centuries, what does that change?
    What it doesn’t change, is the fact it’s an addictive mind altering substance, and you can’t do anything about it, but make excuses. Just like alcoholics, and xanax users.

    At least be aware of your self illusions. I realized it by age 21.

    Will you? Will you even find happiness on your own, or be bound to weed as a crutch?

    I mean, choice is yours, just don’t lie to yourself about it. As I did for years.

    1. I agree that it’s certainly possible to become psychologically addicted to any mind-altering substance, but I will say that weed absolutely *can* be medicine. It’s one of the only things that helps give me relief from severe, disabling chronic pain, and given the choice between weed and opioid painkillers, I’ll always pick weed.

      I’m glad you’ve found joy in your sobriety—just please remember that not everybody’s experience is the same as yours.

      Wishing you well. 🙂

    2. for you that’s the case. I think the addiction was through smoking. If for instance, the only way you ever tried cannabis was eating it, your perspective maybe different. i also feel you are a person with an addictive personality based on what you have said and the the feeling of rejuvenation from no longer consuming something. Lets not get into your personal issues but cannabis doesn’t change your morality as you suggested.

    3. Your story your experiences your thoughts. Allot of good stuff allot of bs. Its good you feel better without it. No mention of all the medical benefits…no mention of anything but your own experiences to be rammed down others throats and you studied psychology. Look into.the Dana institute report on cannabis… saying its not safe to cross the road you might get knocked down. Your experiences your issues hopefully studied psychology helps you realise your worse enemy certainty not cannabis. Look into UG Krishnamurti to help your psychology or blast it to little pieces. @thought your greatest enemy. 4 years long time depending on what you were using was it pure was it full of poisons et et et …..

  3. It’s not a addicted if you have a control in your mind. And if you have thare is no other things compair to Marijuana

  4. Sadly governments have been so afraid politically/medically to define any regulation regarding weed laws in any form of precise manner. They stand against/for yet always a watered down and undefined legal exactitude. Until some politicians grow spines and/or understand the science we have regretfully there will be a cloud over the industry that should have never occurred in the first place. If it was digital/electronic/algorithmic it would never have run into any such predicament even it has been used for centuries before any of these things came along.

  5. There is a really big difference between “I want to smoke” and “I need to smoke”. Marijuana isn’t an addictive substance and can be used for self-improvement. It can be used to get a different perspective on a situation, or just to help you relax if you feel stressed. It can help with libido as well.
    I can’t say anything bad about it really, except that it’s expensive.

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