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One of the most hotly disputed issues regarding marijuana legalization is dependence or addiction rates among users. This survey is designed to compile and report statistics related to marijuana dependence and addiction.  The survey seeks to determine if marijuana addiction is a legitimate condition and to report on its prevalence – or lack thereof.  All answers are completely, 100% confidential and no personal information will ever be collected.  In order to compile accurate and trustworthy results from this survey, we ask that all survey respondents be active or former marijuana users and that ALL questions in the survey are answered and answered honestly.  If you’d like to be placed on a list to receive the results of this survey when they are published, then please use our Contact form to request receipt.

Do you agree to abide by the terms of this survey, and do you explicitly state that you personally have at some point in your life actively used marijuana?
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2 thoughts on “Marijuana Addiction Survey Gateway

  1. Sadly governments have been so afraid politically/medically to define any regulation regarding weed laws in any form of precise manner. They stand against/for yet always a watered down and undefined legal exactitude. Until some politicians grow spines and/or understand the science we have regretfully there will be a cloud over the industry that should have never occurred in the first place. If it was digital/electronic/algorithmic it would never have run into any such predicament even it has been used for centuries before any of these things came along.

  2. There is a really big difference between “I want to smoke” and “I need to smoke”. Marijuana isn’t an addictive substance and can be used for self-improvement. It can be used to get a different perspective on a situation, or just to help you relax if you feel stressed. It can help with libido as well.
    I can’t say anything bad about it really, except that it’s expensive.

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