Marijuana Addiction Survey

This is a comprehensive survey – please give the page a moment to load before proceeding.  If you cannot see survey selections, this means you have already completely or partially taken the survey.  The survey cannot be taken more than once by any one person.

Were you born male, or female?
4004 votes · 10 answers

How old are you?
3881 votes · 11 answers

How old were you when you first used marijuana?
3803 votes · 11 answers

Who or what influenced your first use of marijuana?
3729 votes · 11 answers

Do you smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products?
3725 votes · 11 answers

What other substances do you use?
3727 votes · 15 answers

When was your last use of marijuana?
3664 votes · 11 answers

Ideally, are you a daily pot smoker/user? (Meaning if you can score weed, afford it, aren't prohibited in some way, etc.)
3622 votes · 8 answers

How do you most prefer to use marijuana?
3622 votes · 9 answers

On average throughout the year, are you a:
3539 votes · 8 answers

Does your spouse or relationship partner use marijuana?
3263 votes · 7 answers

Do members of your family smoke/use marijuana?
3368 votes · 8 answers

Do your friends use marijuana?
3345 votes · 9 answers

Do you smoke or vape all-at-once, or do you take occasional hits over time?
3268 votes · 8 answers

Do you ever get too high to function & have to change your plans?
3255 votes · 9 answers

Have you been to work while high?
3226 votes · 9 answers

Do you feel that marijuana use affects your job performance?
3109 votes · 8 answers

Do you use marijuana prior to or while driving?
3068 votes · 8 answers

Would you say that most people know that you use marijuana?
3044 votes · 9 answers

Have you ever sold anything to raise money to buy marijuana?
3025 votes · 9 answers

Would you say that marijuana is a staple or necessity in your life like Rent, Utilities, Food, Medicine?
2959 votes · 8 answers

Have you used marijuana in the presence or view of underage children?
2899 votes · 8 answers

Have you ever been in trouble with authorities because of marijuana?
2815 votes · 9 answers

Are you LEGALLY permitted to use medical marijuana?
2803 votes · 8 answers

Do you use marijuana to treat a psychological condition?
2794 votes · 8 answers

Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychological condition?
2644 votes · 11 answers

Are you currently being treated for a psychological condition/s?
2735 votes · 8 answers

When was the first time you tried to quit using marijuana?
2653 votes · 8 answers

Overall, how many times have you tried to stop using marijuana?
2696 votes · 8 answers

What methods have you tried to stop using marijuana?
2610 votes · 9 answers

Have you ever been to a drug rehab for any drug including marijuana?
2525 votes · 7 answers

Have you ever been treated specifically for marijuana dependence?
2585 votes · 7 answers

Do YOU think you are marijuana-dependent?
2630 votes · 8 answers

If there were a totally, 100% healthy way to use marijuana, would you see a need to quit using pot?
2588 votes · 8 answers

If you were offered $50 per week to stop using marijuana completely, would you quit?
2587 votes · 8 answers

If you were offered $500 to quit using marijuana completely for the next 6 months, would you do it?
2601 votes · 8 answers

If you were offered $1,000 to quit smoking/using marijuana forever, would you do it?
2613 votes · 8 answers

What brought you to and the Marijuana Addiction Survey?
1952 votes · 8 answers

How do you feel when you run out of marijuana?
2571 votes · 8 answers

Some research and statistics show that approximately 9% of marijuana users will become dependent. Do you think this is accurate?
3219 votes · 10 answers

Thank you for taking the Marijuana Addiction Survey

Results will be collected until the end of the year, at which time they will be compiled and released for public dissemination. If you’d like to be placed on an advanced list to receive the published results of this survey, then please use our Contact page to request receipt.