How to Roll a Hudson Joint

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A Hudson joint is a powerhouse marijuana joint consisting of about 70% high-grade cannabis and 30% premium kief. Rolled pure (without tobacco) with a large rice paper and filter, just one of these joints can keep a person heavily and consistently medicated for a day or more. This is the typical joint that we smoke in the Hudson household, and is the same type of joint that many of my readers and friends have seen me smoking at cannabis clubs in Barcelona, coffeeshops in Amsterdam, and all over the United States liberal cannabis zones. This article shows you exactly how I measure and roll up one of these super joints.

All items needed for a Hudson joint
Rolling a Hudson Joint

  1. Grind about ¾ of a tablespoon of high-grade cannabis
  2. Measure out a level ¼ teaspoon of premium kief
  3. Mix the cannabis and kief together thoroughly
  4. Prepare a filter and rice paper; put the weed/kief mixture in the paper
  5. Roll the mixture in the paper until a semi-solid and even consistency is achieved, tuck the paper and roll to completion. (I tuck the non-filter end of the joint first, then the filter end, then the middle.)
  6. Smoke and enjoy

Weed and kief measured for Hudson joint
Mix kief and weed for Hudson joint
It’s important to follow these instructions in order to make this pure joint enjoyable. A couple of notes:

  • If you don’t grind the weed well enough, the joint won’t smoke properly.
  • If you don’t mix the kief and weed thoroughly, the paper will not burn evenly.
  • This joint may be too sedative for exercise or sports for some people

Rolling the Hudson weed joint
For two heavy-duty veteran cannabis smokers, this joint should last for most of the day, especially if spread out over 3 smoking sessions, or 1/3 of the joint per session.

Hudson joint in the hand

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