Maine Dispensary Review: Sensi Sensei

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Sensi Sensei cannabis dispensary in Jefferson has the best marijuana in Maine. Founded and backed by a proven Master Cannabis Grower, the raw cured flower available at this caregiver-storefront is exemplary, including what is likely the only true Haze this author has seen in the state. Despite its location in the middle-of-nowhere, Sensi Sensei offers such fine cannabis products that it’s easily worth it to make the drive; from Portland to Presque Isle, you won’t find better craft-style cannabis in Maine.

Maine Dispensary Review Rating for Sensi Sensei:

Sensi Sensei: History

Sensi Sensei cannabis dispensary was born in Jake McClure’s hydroponics supply store on Rockland Road in Jefferson. For the last decade, Jake – widely considered the “Sensei” of cannabis in Midcoast and Central Maine – taught many of the other important local cannabis caregivers how to grow, breed, and cure marijuana, including key players like King Bishop and Paul T. McCarrier. In this part of Maine, Jake is a legend who has given birth to other legends.

This author has known Jake for more than 25 years, and I can personally and professionally vouch that this guy is the “real deal.” 18 years ago, I visited a grow operation of Jake’s, and later, when Maine settled into its medical marijuana legislation, I saw Jake launch a massive grow – one of the first truly “legal” grows in the area – from an old but stately farmhouse in Washington, Maine. Later, from about 2002 to 2013, the best and most consistently available cannabis in Maine was a cut of New York Diesel that this author acquired many pounds of over the years. That NY Diesel was grown and distributed by Jake McClure, and to this day, it remains among the best cannabis this author – and this state – has ever seen.

For Jake, it was natural to continue expanding into the legal markets for cannabis. Because Jake was directly involved in legislation that made it acceptable to rotate a 5th patient slot, Sensi Sensei opened a few weeks ago on firm and stable footing, with inventory that will quickly become the envy of other cannabis dispensaries in Maine.

Sensi Sensei: Environment

Sensi Sensei is located upstairs from Maine Hydroponic Supply, at 50 Rockland Road in Jefferson. For now, enter through the main door for the grow shop, then head to the back of the store and go up the stairs with the wide bamboo railing. Later, the grow shop will be phased out, and Sensi Sensei will expand into the entire building.

At the top of the stairs, warm and soft light reflects invitingly off beautifully-polished wood surfaces and exposed beams. A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere awaits within, made by a blend of natural touches, a bit of Asian design influence, and Buddhist accents throughout.

Asian gong at Maine cannabis dispensary Sensi Sensei

Asian and Buddhist influences are strong at Sensi Sensei in Jefferson, Maine.

In the rear-center of the room, three large glass display counters showcase the shop’s products, flanked by a large framed waterfall that flows and gurgles quietly between two stained glass windows. To the right is a leather couch and coffee-table, where patrons and patients are invited to sit and relax. At Sensi Sensei, a private consultation is available for those who prefer it. Otherwise, the main dispensary area is open to anyone to hang out, browse, or just sit and chat. This is a refreshing change from most marijuana dispensaries in Maine, where entry and service is only provided to one patient at a time.

Sensi Sensei: Cannabis Products

Although I’ve seen lots of cannabis in Maine labeled as one type of haze or another, the first time I ever encountered a true haze in the state was when Ian – the manager of Sensi Sensei – pulled it out from a glass jar under the counter and put it beneath my nose. What he gave me was a perfect example of Super Lemon Haze – one of my all-time favorites strains that I sadly have never been able to acquire in Maine.

Cannabis in jars at Sensi Sensei marijuana dispensary in Maine

Cannabis is stored in specialized containers at Sensi Sensei, with small vents built in to allow a patient to uncover the vent and sample the fragrance of a strain.

I examined the shop’s strains of raw cured flower under my microscope at 100X, and all of them were superbly clean and impressively saturated with trichomes. This included the shop’s signature strain, Dice – a cross of NY Diesel and Ice, as well as other excellent samples of Ice Cream Cake, Critical Kush, Skywalker OG, Labyrinth, Honey Badger Haze, and others. You won’t find any of these strains at other Maine marijuana dispensaries, and you won’t find much cannabis at all matching the quality of Sensi Sensei – this shop is producing marijuana that is comparable to the cannabis of Barcelona, California, Amsterdam, and Denver.

Front counter with plants at Sensi Sensei Maine Marijuana DIspensary

The front counter greets visitors to Sensi Sensei, carefully stocked with premium, world-class cannabis.

Sensi Sensei also offers rosin, shatter, vape cartridges, edibles, and a good selection of CBD products. All of it looks and smells top-shelf, and everything in the shop is handsomely packaged and displayed.

Sensi Sensei: Staff

Although “Sensei” Jake does work in the shop from time to time, the place is mostly managed by Ian Reilly, a jovial and intelligent chap to whom Jake has entrusted the day-to-day operations of the dispensary. Ian is highly knowledgeable and friendly in that “easy to talk to” sort of way that doesn’t come off pretentious or exclusionary.

If Ian isn’t around, you might meet Ben, Jake’s business partner. Ben’s also very friendly, and his cultivation skills are top-notch; much of the time, Ben travels the local region, providing cannabis consultations to private growers, caregivers, and other people working in the cannabis industry in Maine. Ben is also an accomplished musician and can talk music theory just as readily as he can talk cannabis.

Jake McClure trimming bud at Sensi Sensei cannabis dispensary

Jake McClure, the owner of Sensi Sensei, trims bud by hand for a customer. Customers get to keep the trim with their buds.

Sensi Sensei: Events & Extras

Sensi Sensei is one of the few dispensaries in the state that brings their message out to the public. For instance, I followed the team from Sensi Sensei one night in mid-July. First, we drove in a van with a large cannabis plant that we awarded to a patient of the shop who had won a contest the week prior. Later, the team piled into a decked-out VW van and drove into Hallowell for Hallowell Days – a large, 4th-of-July-style celebration of the town’s birth. The Sensi Sensei team worked the crowd, giving away free samples of cannabis products to mmj patients, getting their photo taken with new and old friends, and connecting with the community. This included stopping to chat with and thank police officers for their service.

Captain Jack Sparrow and the team at Sensi Sensei out giving marijuana away

Ian Reilly, manager of the shop, dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow to help get the Sensi Sensei team some attention while out and about at Hallowell days, passing out free samples of cannabis to Maine medical marijuana patients.

In addition to contests and special events from time to time, Sensi Sensei also offers a small selection of only the highest quality papers, filters, bongs and pipes, cannabis-themed clothing, books, and more. If you need help with growing, you can get a free consultation downstairs in the grow shop, and if you need a place to sit and chill for a bit, you can help yourself to a glass of fresh cucumber water and plop down on the couch. At Sensi Sensei, you’re welcome to stay.


Other Maine marijuana dispensaries and caregivers would do well to pay a visit to Sensi Sensei in Jefferson, and to take note of the quality and presentation of the cannabis products within. You won’t find better cured marijuana flower anywhere in Maine, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a shop that has a more experienced grower in-house. For medical marijuana patients and, soon enough, recreational users, taking the drive out to Jefferson from Augusta, Belfast, Rockland, or even Bangor or Portland is well worth it. Sensi Sensei offers the type of cannabis that this author gets excited about, and I know that you will, too.

Have you been to Sensi Sensei in Jefferson, Maine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Maine Dispensary Review Rating for Sensi Sensei:

[Sensi Sensei is a registered marijuana caregiver-storefront with the local authorities operating under the auspices of the State of Maine]

Papers and other products at Sensi Sensei Maine marijuana dispensary

Sensi Sensei is well-stocked with top-quality products only – no cheap stuff, and no gimmicky-products.

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