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La Maria Gracia Club

Business / Organization Name: La Maria Gracia Club
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Address: Carrer Jesus 18 Barcelona 08012
Phone Number: 933 684 395
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6 thoughts on “La Maria Gracia Club

  1. Hola, vivo en Gracia pero ya no soy un socio de una sociedad. Quiero matricularme pronto. Me podrias avisar? Gracias

  2. hola yo estaba en una asociación por Montaner la cerro los Mossos podría aver si pudieran hacerme socio en vuestra asociación gracias

  3. Hola , estoy en son posibles para venir fumar cannabis en su establecimiento de Barcelona Viernes Sábado y domingo ??

  4. Hello Russ! I recently moved to Barcelona for studying reasons and I don’t know many people yet. I used to live in Alicante, where I was a member of an association called Greenart. Certainly joining an association was a great decision and I would like to do the same here in Barcelona.
    Looking for an association near my house (I happen to live in Gracia) I found this association and I think it looks pretty good and it’s quite close to my house. Unfortunately, I went there to get some info on how to become a member and it was mandatory to have the support of a current member. As I told you I don’t know many people yet, and certainly not any member of La Maria Gracia.
    So today friend from class told me about your page and I came here to see it by myself. I think you’re doing and awesome job and I would like to know if there is any chance you could help me become a member. Thank you very much.

  5. Hola, vivo en Gracia pero ya no soy un socio de una sociedad. Quiero matricularme pronto. Me podrias avisar? Gracias

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