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CANEM Llevant

Business / Organization Name:
CANEM Llevant
Business Listing Type:
Carrer del Mar, 42  07580 Capdepera (Mallorca) 
Phone Number:
606 13 88 06 
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73 thoughts on “CANEM Llevant

  1. Hello looking for weed/hash I’m in Artà but can travel to Capdepera, Cala Rajada or manacor or surrounding areas. Any help is appreciated.

      1. Dear Jennifer,
        Me and my girlfriend are spending a week in Calà d’or and I would kindly ask you if you can help us in finding something.

        Thanks in advance for your kind help and let’s keep in touch!


          1. Hi Jennifer, I’ve send you an email with my data’s. It will be nice to meet you with my fervor and hobby. Pls help me ✌

  2. Hey Guya i am in Carla rajada and bought some wet Shit weed on the Street. Anyone can Held me with better stuff? Much thanks

  3. Avoid the black Africans ,they will rip you off a d if your like me you will end up knocking them out and its not worth getting arrested over,they must smoke dog shit coz its what they sell

    1. Can someone message me need something in Cala d’Or? Any suggestions or numbers to contact? If you can help message via watsapp or signal or whatever +447961308031

  4. Hello,
    I tried to send them an E-Mail. But this Mail dosent excist. Van you help me?
    Dear regards

  5. Hi,

    I need help in can picafort.
    Please help me on: +491793207009
    Im mobile (car).

    Big thanks

  6. Hey Guys , I’m a weed lover from Germany.
    And I don’t want the weed from the black people , they got the badest weed ever. Its taste like shit smell like shit and I don’t get stoned. Maybe someone can help me please?

    I have a car so I can drive to you . I’m in Mallorca.please contact me per Mobilephone : 015734561699

    Thaaanks to everybody 🙂

    1. First of all David, before you come with your racist ass comments you should stop being so desperate before your karma comes to you. White people love being so prejudice and wonder why no other group of people like you and see you all as the devils.

      1. He doesn’t want to get ripped off and everybody knows black Africans rip everybody in Mallorca, its a fact smokers know when visiting Mallorca,they Africans have done this to themselves,he’s not racist because he states the truth,take your racism krap else where you fckuing freak

  7. Hello arrived in Paguera today. Can i meet someone tomorrow or within the next days?
    Im by car.. please help 😉

    1. Hola No3man and all others commenting on this listing; I’m sorry to tell you but commenting here will not get you in touch with the club. This page is merely a directory listing for the club or association. To communicate with the organization in question, you must contact them directly. Best wishes Peace -Russ

  8. Hi staying in central Palma
    any chance to meet you?
    Hotel Jamie 3
    hope to hear from you

  9. Hallo bin ab 07.06 auf mallorca (port andratx) kann mir vielleicht jemand helfen. Danke

    1. I just want to let everyone commenting on this post know that this is just the directory listing for CANEM; we are not affiliated with this association, and commenting on this post is not an effective way to get in touch with them; you must actually contact them directly. Again, this is just a directory listing. Best wishes Peace -Russ

  10. Hey Guys. I will enjoy my holidays from 16th of may till 23rd of may in Paguera. Would it be possible to meet us? Thanks and best regards!

  11. Hey guys,

    from 12.05.-19.05.17 in cala dor and need some help to get
    a membership maybe?
    Or some nice spots for nice weed?! Would be amazing!
    Have a nice one

  12. Hallo bin ab 22.5 auf mallorca (porto cristo) kann mir vielleicht jemand helfen. Danke

  13. Hi , bin gerade jetzt auf Mallorca ( SaComa ) , bitte mal eine Mail wer mir hier helfen kann. Danke

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