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Apdo. de correos 133  30730 San Javier (Murcia)
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35 thoughts on “K.R.A.S. 

  1. Hola ‚
    we are in two weeks in alicante / murcia for holiday.
    Is it possible to get some „medicine“ in your Store or only with membership ?

    Greetings from Germany Marcel ✌️

  2. Hello. I just moved to Murcia for work. I do not currently belong to any clubs in Murcia and would love to join. Please let me know of any!

  3. Hi , I’ll be in San Javier from Friday 18th, is it possible to buy any nice green there ??
    Many thanks T

  4. Hi,
    I will be in san javier from the 13th till the 31th.
    This is the first visit to the appartment i bought there. So will be there regulary from now on.
    Can i get a good smoke over there ?

    Thanks !

    1. HI
      I am an irish artist i will be working in murica and would like to become a mamber of your club , how should i go about applying . Thank you for your time


  5. Can anyone tell me where the cannabis duspensary is in puerto mazarron? My wife has mesothelioma, heard the oil may help

  6. I have been diagnosed with cancer, already had chemo. I frequently go to Spain, near Torrevieja, and I wonder if I can source cannabis oil in Murcia

  7. Hi
    My son has been fighting leukemia on and off for 5 years. He’s just had a second relapse and is in extreme pain. Have been told cannabis oil can help. Where can I purchase some. We live near San Javier

    1. For att. Ross Hudson.
      I don’t know if my last email reached you but I am desperate to source cannabis oil and a cannabis dispensary in Puerto de Mazarron I was told can help. Can you help me locate it as I am quite desperate the cancer treatment I had has not been a great success. Grateful for any help. Tony

  8. Please could you forward the contact details for someone in Mazzaron association/dispensary for canibis oil prescription for cancer. My husband is suffering. Thanks

  9. Hola. Tengo un amigo ingles que se muda para murcia y me estaba preguntando si avia algun club de fumadores donde podria apuntarse?

    Un saldo

  10. Hey guys I’m in Murcia for a few days and was wondering if I could get a membership, I live in Cehegin so this is probably my closet social club. Check out my Facebook if u get time I may know some of ur crew, I do my own extractions/concentrates and have been growing over 10 years so it would great to meet u. Thanks

  11. My Spanish is poor, forgive my English. Would I be able to join this club. I suffer multiple sclerosis and find cannabis is a great help. I will be in San javier for 3wks this Saturday coming. Gracias

  12. I am in Puerto de Mazorron, I have lung cancer and need to locate medical cannabis oil to for my condition. I was told there was a (Cannabis dispensary Mazarron Social Club) but cannot locate. I am desperate for help. I can travel as have car. If you can help please email me.

  13. I go torrevieja as my family own villa I seen your website and was wondering if u can help me score some good bud many thanks

  14. Hi, i am visiting San Javier this weekend and was wondering how i should go about joining/visiting K.R.A.S.

    Any info would be much appreciated


    1. Hi Will; the page you are commenting on is the directory listing for KRAS. We are not affiliated with the club in any way; we merely provide the listing. To find out what is required to join, please contact KRAS directly using the information provided. Peace -Russ

  15. Hi,
    I have glaucoma. I understand marijuana oil can help with lowering pressures (Whoopi Goldberg). Do you know where this can be purchased? I live near Mazarron/Totana, Murcia. Thanks

    1. Hi Janine; the page that you are commenting on is the directory listing for KRAS. We are not affiliated with the club in any way. If you would like information from them, please contact them directly using the information provided. If you are simply looking for cannabis oil and are in or near Barcelona, there are literally hundreds of clubs you can check with that may have oil. Not all do, but some. Peace -Russ

  16. Hello there, i am visiting my nana and papas holiday home in villamartin (torrevieja).I dont quite know what it is but i always seem to find myself intrigued and fascinated in the difference of culture while abroad. Especially in the art of one of my favourite vices and pastimes besides football, getting high as a Being from Scotland you would think id be better at the latter but you would be surprised, i frequently enjoy combining the two.loL. Anyway any time while visiting the area i have never succeeded in exploring the Spanish cannabis culture and am really interested to shine a light on the activity as well as some joints lol with some new found amigos at a cannabis club if there are any of which i seem to hear about online.I am really interested to see what the natives smoke as their bread and butter and what is considered for a special occasion as well as everything from preferred paraphernalia, to what does a high Spaniard eat.I will b bringing some of Scotland along with me as well and would be much obliged for any information on the subject.P.S. Hope us like squared sausage in Villamartin my spanish cousins in Madrid and Seville always go back for more.Thanks whoever reads replys and hope a game of football isnt out of the question as well.I will need to bring my Celtic top.

    1. Hi Matt! Thanks for your comment. If you are looking to join this club specifically, you will need to contact them directly using the information provided. This page is a directory for clubs; we are not affiliated with K.R.A.S.. Peace -Russ

  17. Hi guys, hope your okay! Herd a lot about what you guys got going on over there, I’m planning a trip at the end of summer and I wondered if there was any way I could gain access to your dispensary. Spain is the best country in the world for ism and I wish to explore Spanish strains, techniques and more importantly to make some good friends

    Cheers for your time guys and I look forward to hearing from you

    1. Hi James; Thank you for contacting me. I will be happy to sponsor you for membership at a cannabis club when you are in Barcelona. However, it’s too early to arrange anything now. All you need to do is email me at the day before you arrive in the city and I will make all the necessary arrangements for you to join a club.

      Until then, take care.


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