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Vice Spain sent a team including reporter Pedro Garcia Campos to Barcelona to film a documentary about Russ Hudson, the founder and editor of  The original Spanish version of the documentary released in June 2016) is titled “El Catador de Marihuana,” or “The Marijuana Taster.”

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Veteran reporter for BusinessWeek Carol Matlack interviewed the founder of, Russ Hudson, for a piece about Barcelona’s explosion of cannabis clubs.  Aptly titled “Barcelona is Fighting an Overdose of Cannabis Clubs,” Matlack explores the boom in the cannabis industry in recent years and what’s being done to regulate it.

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Russ Hudson sits down for a lengthy interview with the editor of iSmokeMag about the cannabis club industry Spain:

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Tori Sparks – a veteran reporter for various publications as well as an accomplished international musician – interviewed Russ Hudson for a story about Barcelona’s counter-culture cannabis community:

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George Mills interviewed Russ Hudson for a 2014 article examining the many irregularities in the legislation that governs cannabis social clubs in Barcelona and Catalonia overall.  Titled “Does Barcelona Have a Cannabis Problem?,” Hudson takes an opposing position to both the theme of the article and its secondary interviewee, the head of one of the largest federations of cannabis clubs in Catalonia:

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In an article titled “Pot Gaming Site Dream Come True for Stoners,” High Times reporter Mike Adams covers the launch of, billing it as a unique, interactive entertainment site where there is also a relatively good chance that [site visitors] will learn something new about the many facets of cannabis.”

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Drawing from a press release announcing the launch of in October of 2013, this piece by Monterey Bud discusses the online marijuana games offered by the site:

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In this complimentary piece written in response to an article published by Hudson at the end of 2013, the most famous coffee shop in the world writes about Russ Hudson’s visit to Bulldog Coffee Shop, known as the Living Room of Amsterdam:

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New York Times

The New York Times mentioned in a recent article (Summer 2014) about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona, referring primarily to our popular comparison of these marijuana-oriented social establishments to the famous coffee shops of Amsterdam:

Article in New York Times about

Barcelona Televisio

Barcelona Televisio published a Spanish language article discussing Barcelona’s cannabis clubs, mentioning that membership may be available to some people who meet certain conditions. However, the article wrongly states that we charge a fee for this service, which is absolutely not true:

Article about in Barcelona Televisio

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