How Europe is Getting it Wrong on Cannabis

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Progressive European marijuana policy is likely being hindered by the vast majority of EU citizen cannabis users who mix tobacco with their marijuana. In fact, this practice is so common that Americans such as myself seem out of place in Europe when we smoke joints, pipes or bongs consisting of pure marijuana. But more importantly, the European practice of mixing tobacco with marijuana also means that it’s no wonder Europe isn’t advancing the medical marijuana agenda like in North America. Read Full Story Here

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The Changing of the Cannabis Quo

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I am a weed snob. Although I prefer the term “cannabis connoisseur,” a weed snob is someone who declines, avoids or scoffs at marijuana that doesn’t meet their standards. But there is a difference between a weed snob, a cannabis connoisseur, and the general pot-smoking population of the United States, and the growing cannabis culture is going to make this much more apparent. See, it used to be that weed was just weed… Read More Here