Feature Image Cynthia Joy Rosen Maine Women in Cannabis

Maine Women in Cannabis: Cynthia Joy Rosen

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Without the work of Maine cannabis activist Cynthia Joy Rosen, cannabis liberalization in the state would likely be years behind. From working with the Republican party and Governor Paul LePage on reversing bad cannabis policy via bill LD1296, to providing critical cannabis care to community members near Washington and Liberty, Cynthia Rosen has been a powerful force for marijuana in Maine. Cynthia Joy Rosen: Cannabis Roots From an early age, Cynthia Joy Rosen suffered from sensory confusion. For her, this […]

Feature Image for Destioney Pinkham Maine Women in Cannabis

Maine Women in Cannabis: Destioney Pinkham

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Destioney Pinkham is a powerful, sharp-witted, and wicked friendly Maine woman. As the owner of Rip Tide Smoke Shop in Belfast, Destioney is young, but already making a positive impact on her community: after being open for just 2 years, Destioney’s shop won Business of the Year for Waldo County. Based on her early success and contagiously confident attitude, it’s likely that there’ll be more awards in the future for this Maine woman in cannabis. Destioney Pinkham: Beginnings Destioney was […]

Feature Image Jillian Pelletier-Litovsky Maine Women in Cannabis

Maine Women in Cannabis: Jillian Pelletier-Litovsky

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Maine medical cannabis caregiver Jillian Pelletier-Litovsky specializes in helping women find relief from troubling medical and psychological conditions. Her company, Virgo Moon Botanicals, manufactures CBD, Kratom, and other alternative remedies in Mechanic Falls, Maine. This article explores Jillian’s expertise with hemp-derived CBD, her work with women, and her important role as a woman in the cannabis industry in Maine. Jillian Pelletier-Litovsky: Beginnings Unlike most interviewees this author has spoken with, Jillian is one of the rare few whose beginnings are […]

Feature Image Zak Lapan Maine Hemp Farmer Profile

Maine Hemp Farmer Profile: Zak Lapan

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Until about a year ago, Zak Lapan wasn’t a Maine hemp farmer at all. In fact, just 12 months ago Zak had never grown hemp before. Today, he manages one of the biggest Maine hemp production facilities, sourcing more than 200,000 hemp seeds to ultimately sprout 175,000 hemp seedlings in a warehouse in Belfast, Maine. This article explores how Zak went from a black- and grey-market cannabis grower to a full-time Maine hemp farmer in just 12 months. Profile of […]

Feature Image King Bishop Maine Marijuana Caregiver

Maine Marijuana Caregiver: King Bishop

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Maine marijuana caregiver King Bishop is one of the most active and well-known caregivers in the state. As a medical marijuana caregiver in Maine, King produces excellent cannabis – nearly all of it grown outside, and entirely managed by hand. King Bishop is also a leading cannabis activist and has been involved in the push for marijuana legalization in Maine for years. An easy-going and calm fellow, King is also a cannabis consultant, but focuses mostly on patient care. Profile: […]

Oriol Casals Madrid article feature image

Interview with Oriol Casals Madrid – Spain’s Top Cannabis Attorney-Activist

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Oriol Casals Madrid is not only one of Spain’s leading cannabis activists, he’s also the top cannabis lawyer in Barcelona. As the director of the alternative-defense law firm Casa Paraula, and the founder of drug law and research dissemination organization Observatorio Civil de Drogas, Oriol has been instrumental in keeping the Spanish cannabis industry alive and healthy. But he’s also come a long way; from getting busted with Moroccan hashish at the age of 18, to defending the rights of cannabis supporters in parliament today, Oriol’s work in the hemp and marijuana industry is constantly evolving. Read Full Interview Here

Paris Mato - Long view at Club Circulo BCN

Interview with Paris Mato – Barcelona Cannabis Extracts Maker

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Paris Mato is a cannabis extracts maker based in Barcelona, Spain. His tiny but wide-reaching company, Judas Iscariote, has become the largest producer of marijuana extracts in Catalunya in just three short years. Mato’s creations can be found inside more than 50 private cannabis clubs in Spain and include marijuana tinctures, creams and salves, personal lubricants, E-cigarette cartridges and more. Read Full Interview Here