9 Things You Need to Know about Cannabis Clubs in Madrid

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If you’re considering joining a cannabis club in Madrid, Spain, the following is a list of the 9 most important things that you need to know about Madrid’s cannabis clubs and how they work. Cannabis social clubs in Madrid are not at all like the coffeeshops of Amsterdam or the dispensaries of Denver, so it’s important to understand the differences before you attempt to join a private cannabis club in Madrid. Read Full Story Here

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Madrid Cannabis Club Membership: What You Need

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Here we unveil the great mystery of getting membership at a cannabis club in Madrid.  Just kidding; it’s quite simple.  The main requirement for joining a Madrid cannabis club is to know someone on the inside – these are private clubs, after all.  Other than that, there are just 5 more things that you need to get membership at a marijuana club in Madrid, Spain: 1. Again, Have a Sponsor If you know or can meet someone who is already […]

Cannabis – An ancient superfood.

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So, you’ve survived the New Year celebrations.  Maybe you were thinking about dry January/giving up smoking but then decided that wasn’t a great idea. Right now, you may be tempted to add a few superfoods into your diet. Not so long ago they were heralding almond milk, enriched with vitamin D, and chia seeds full of quality protein. Now it seems it’s all about baobab, brimming with antioxidants, and amla (Indian gooseberries, to the uninitiated!), bursting with vitamin C. But […]

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Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona, Madrid Officially Re-Open

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The COVID-19 lockdown in Spain is finally easing, with cannabis clubs in Barcelona, Madrid, and other cities re-opening under a controlled, phased plan. This comes as a sorely needed reprieve after Spain cutoff medical and recreational cannabis users for months during the pandemic by declaring cannabis non-essential. However, authorities deemed alcohol and tobacco essential, setting off a row between cannabis supporters and central and local governments. Fortunately, as of today, members of social clubs in Spain can now safely access […]

If you look up strolling around Malasaña you'll find all the streets decorated

Stoners Guide to the Neighborhoods of Madrid

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This stoner’s guide to the neighborhoods of Madrid will help you navigate the most famous barrios, indicate where you can get weed in Madrid, and places where you can safely smoke it. From Tetuán to Lavapiés, this guide deals with the trendiest and most popular barrios of Madrid, with listings of neighborhood cannabis social clubs in Spain’s busy and trendy capital city.

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Review of Sonora Cannabis Club, Madrid

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Sonora Club is one of the biggest and best-located cannabis social clubs in Madrid. Comparable to the original speakeasy-style of the famous Dr. Resin Social Club in Barcelona, Sonora features multiple tastefully-adorned levels where members can congregate and commune. This Madrid weed smoker’s club was inaugurated just a few months ago, on the second of November 2019, and it’s ready to satisfy the expectations of new members. This marijuana social club is a diamond in the rough, ready to shine, […]

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Madrid Cannabis Club Review: Gasolina Social Club

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Gasolina Social Club is already one of Madrid’s top private cannabis clubs. This Madrid weed smoker’s club opened its doors about one year ago, on the first of August, 2018, after nearly 2 years of painstaking preparation and development. Gasolina has an ambitious vision for the future that blends a hip environment with fun events and special projects, and of course some of the best cannabis products available in the Spanish capital; check out the full review below for photographs […]

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Madrid Cannabis Social Clubs: Fact Vs. Fiction

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Cannabis social clubs in Madrid have existed in relative obscurity for many years, but like the private cannabis associations in Barcelona, the word has gotten out about Madrid. Unfortunately, this has led to the spread of misinformation about Madrid’s cannabis clubs, and confusion about how the clubs operate, who can join them, and what types of cannabis products are being produced on behalf of members. This article dispels the top 8 most common untruths about Madrid’s cannabis social clubs. Fiction: […]

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Madrid Cannabis: Fire, or Feces?

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Rumors are circulating that cannabis in Madrid, Spain, is literally full of shit, and, like many juicy stories, there’s a small degree of truth to what’s being said. However, it’s easy to understand why some people might raise a suspicious eyebrow at these reports, which are all 100% based on a doctoral thesis published in the scientific journal Forensic Science International, before the work was defended by its author and examined by the reviewing institution. I investigated the articles and […]