Spain’s Cannabis Clubs Hit Hard by COVID-19

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Cannabis clubs in Spain have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, with some clubs losing up to 60% of their membership, and nearly all no longer offering any “social” aspects of traditional cannabis social clubs. Consequently, the coronavirus pandemic response has effectively killed – for now – the original intent and spirit of these private marijuana associations.

Coronavirus Protocols at Amsterdam Coffeeshops

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Coronavirus protocols at coffeeshops in Amsterdam vary significantly from one shop to the next, with rigid enforcement of stringent practices in one cannabis shop, and virtually no protocols at another.  Official policy in Amsterdam is somewhat loosely enforced, and it is precisely this that has led to the inconsistent COVID-19 practices at cannabis coffeeshops throughout this ancient Dutch city.  If you plan to visit coffeeshops in Amsterdam during the pandemic, this article details exactly what you can expect; the unexpected.

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Ibiza Cannabis Club Review: Farmer’s Club

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Farmer’s Club is a discreet and unique cannabis social club in Ibiza; the third largest of the Balearic Islands, an autonomous community of Spain. This private marijuana club opened its doors almost a year ago (July 2019), but in this short period they have figured out how to capture the essence of a natural high, quickly becoming one of the most distinguished cannabis clubs in Spain. This association is one of the best options for cannabis aficionados looking for a respectable […]

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Seville Cannabis Club Review: Big Sur

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Big Sur cannabis club in Seville, Spain, is one of the most spectacular and unique cannabis clubs in the Andalusia region. This club is well-known for featuring local artist-inspired décor, spacious areas to relax or work, down-to-earth, efficient staff, and one thing that no other cannabis club in Seville has; proprietary genetics.  With a club almost as impressive as their unique and potent strains, there just isn’t another private cannabis social club in Spain that compares with this stunning association. […]

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Bilbao Cannabis Club Review: Culcanna

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Culcanna is one of the most interesting and unique cannabis clubs in Bilbao, Spain; this is the largest city in the province of Biscay and in the Basque Country as a whole.  This cannabis social club opened its doors five years ago, you’ll find it hidden away in the back streets of the Bilbao La Vieja district, very well connected with the Old Quarter and Abando. Culcanna has everything a cannabis enthusiast could want; great location, welcoming environment, top-notch cannabis […]

Auf wiedesehen Angela! Willkommen Olaf!

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Those of you with an eye on politics can’t possibly have missed the departure of Angela Merkel from German and European political life. So, who is the new German leader and why is Marijuana Games #marijuanagames interested? Olaf Scholz of the Social Democrats won the most seats in the recent September 2021 general election and has now finalized a coalition deal with Greens and pro-business Free Democrats. He was officially sworn in as German Chancellor  at the Bundestag on December […]

LOEWE launches Scent of Marijuana

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#Spain’s premier luxury Brand LOEWE, launches Scent of Marijuana If you’ve walked around the city after visiting a legitimate private #cannabissocialclub #Madrid or #Barcelona, you may have spotted the chic boutique store LOEWE. World famous for its exquisite leather goods, Spain’s number one luxury brand has just launched some luxurious home bath products called Scent of Marijuana.   As you’ll know, over the last 5 years or so there has been both an increased interest in #CBDinfused products and a notable expansion in […]

Will weed vacationing be legalised?

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Thinking of a vacation when all this Covid stuff has died down? Punta del Este in Uruguay sound good? This amazing statue on the beach there is by Mario Irarrázabal. We wanna go see it! More seriously, here at Madrid Cannabis Clubs #madridcannabisclub, we wanted to pick out some interesting points from an interview this last week with Uruguayan Augusto Vitale, ex Director of the IRCC (Institute of regulation and control of cannabis) Augusto Vitale was one of the proponents of the […]

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10 Things You Need to Know about Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

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I get a lot of questions from readers about Barcelona’s cannabis clubs. Questions range from “How Can I get Membership at a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?” to “Is Weed Legal in Spain?” to questions about the club’s use of personal information and many others. Of course, there’s also no shortage of questions about the actual marijuana on offer in Barcelona. Because many of these questions follow a common theme, I thought this short but direct list of the 10 most important things you need to know about Barcelona’s cannabis clubs might help shed some light on what is – by necessity – a private industry. Read More Here

Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Green Age

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Green Age cannabis club in Barcelona is one of the city’s best cannabis social club. With original artistic decor, a marijuana selection unlike that of any other dispensary and a few special surprises that I’ll tell you about in the review below, Green Age cannabis club is a smashing example of everything that a good smoker’s organization should be. The club manages to be hip and chill, abstract but down-to-earth, exclusive but warm, and above all else – dedicated to the cause that we’re gathered here for: freedom to use marijuana. Read Full Club Review Here

Review of Mon Verd Cannabis Club in Premia de Mar, Spain

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Mon Verd cannabis club in Premia de Mar, Spain, easily rivals the top marijuana social clubs in Madrid and Barcelona – especially since coming under new management in the latter half of 2020.  A massive, sprawling club at more than 200 sqm (around 2,150 sf), Mon Verd is located to the north of Barcelona and is open to residents of Spain and their exclusive guests.

How to Get Weed in Barcelona, Spain

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Figuring out how to get weed in Barcelona can be a little tricky, but this guide will help you to easily – and safely – find weed in Barcelona. With hundreds of private smoking clubs, a thriving black market, and a relaxed attitude toward possession of small amounts of cannabis, getting weed in Barcelona is a simple task; especially when compared to other major cities in Europe.