Spain’s Cannabis Clubs Hit Hard by COVID-19

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Cannabis clubs in Spain have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, with some clubs losing up to 60% of their membership, and nearly all no longer offering any “social” aspects of traditional cannabis social clubs. Consequently, the coronavirus pandemic response has effectively killed – for now – the original intent and spirit of these private marijuana associations.

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Is Marijuana Legal in Spain?

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Is marijuana legal in Spain? It’s not easy to tell, but the short answer is yes – marijuana is legal in Spain– but only under specific conditions. Because of lenient privacy laws, marijuana is legal in all of Spain for personal consumption. While the acquisition and consumption of cannabis pose different and somewhat complicated scenarios for the average consumer, the uncomplicated response to “is marijuana legal in Spain?” is yes, but only in private.

Medical Marijuana users in Spain Cutoff during Pandemic

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Spanish Authorities deem Tobacco Essential, Cannabis Non-essential BARCELONA, Spain – Patients blocked from acquiring medical marijuana during Spain’s strict COVID-19 lockdown are increasingly resorting to the black market, while tobacco shops and liquor stores have been deemed essential and allowed to remain open. This discrimination is especially poignant in Barcelona, where more than 300 cannabis clubs have been shuttered, leaving thousands of medical users to suffer from their conditions without relief. In Barcelona’s quiet residential district of Horta, the president […]

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The Future of Spain’s Cannabis Social Clubs

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The future of Spain’s cannabis clubs is cloudy. With no regulation at all at the federal level, regional enforcement of cannabis policies has been inconsistent and confusing. But with more than 800 cannabis social clubs spread across the country, Spain can’t afford off-handed complacency any longer. To create a sustainable future for the CSC model, politicians, cannabis industry professionals, and private citizens must come together to develop a sound policy; a collaboration which may or may not be in the future of Spanish cannabis clubs. Read Full Article Here