Coronavirus Protocols at Amsterdam Coffeeshops

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Coronavirus protocols at coffeeshops in Amsterdam vary significantly from one shop to the next, with rigid enforcement of stringent practices in one cannabis shop, and virtually no protocols at another.  Official policy in Amsterdam is somewhat loosely enforced, and it is precisely this that has led to the inconsistent COVID-19 practices at cannabis coffeeshops throughout this ancient Dutch city.  If you plan to visit coffeeshops in Amsterdam during the pandemic, this article details exactly what you can expect; the unexpected.

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Review of Green House Seed Co. Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

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Green House Seed Co. coffeeshop is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s red light district. As a major cannabis industry player in this Dutch city for more than three decades, this is one of the most famous and popular coffeeshops in all of Amsterdam. Frequented by celebrities and influential figures, Green House is not your average coffeeshop. Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here

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Review of Dampkring Coffeeshop Amsterdam

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Dampkring coffeeshop in Amsterdam has a reputation as one of the best coffeeshops in the entire city, and as this review will attest, it’s a well-earned reputation. Dampkring has been around for nearly a quarter century, staking its claim as one of Amsterdam’s original coffeeshops like Bulldog, Green House, Blue Bird and Reefer, among others. With a high-class but relaxed environment, a more mature crowd and cannabis products that’ll make any connoisseur happy, Dampkring is unquestionably a 5 Star Amsterdam Coffeeshop. Read Full Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review Here.

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Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review: Grey Area

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Grey Area coffeeshop in Amsterdam is one of the most popular and well established coffeeshops in the Dutch city. Recommended to me for more than 2 years by a great many of my clients and associations, Grey Area coffeeshop had always been skipped on my rounds of the shops there. In the fall of 2014 I finally visited Grey Area located at Oude Leliestraat 2, and though I really like the place for its friendly staff and excellent cannabis, there is one major flaw with this notorious Amsterdam coffeeshop that was quite surprising to me. Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here

Reefer Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review: Reefer

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Coffeeshop Reefer is located at 77 Sint Antoniesbreestraat in Amsterdam. Situated near the Rembrandt Museum and close to the open air market at Waterlooplein, Coffeeshop Reefer is just outside of the red light district but still readily accessible. Surprisingly, the shop is neighbors with Bluebird Coffeeshop, but Reefer is often far less busy. However, I greatly prefer Reefer Coffeeshop to Bluebird, and this review should make it pretty clear why I think you’ll feel the same. Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here

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Amsterdam Coffee Shop Review: The Doors

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The Doors Coffee Shop in Amsterdam is located on the beautiful and popular Singel canal. With stunning décor, a great location, friendly and welcoming staff and a proprietary cannabis strain called Morrison Haze, The Doors is easily the best coffee shop in Amsterdam. Even if you don’t like The Doors rock ‘n roll group or you have no idea who they were, you will still find that The Doors Coffee Shop will meet your every expectation of what a great Amsterdam coffee shop should be. Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here

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Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review: Voyagers

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Voyagers Coffeeshop & Hotel in Amsterdam is located close to Centraal Station and the Damrak. I discovered Voyagers while walking about in Amsterdam’s famously seedy red light district and was pleased to learn that the place is both a coffeeshop and a hotel. I went to Voyagers with expectations for a simple but relaxing evening after several days of exhausting travel, but that didn’t happen. In fact, the experience was so terrible that it permeated the entire next day – even hours after I had checked out – and overall I wished I had stayed somewhere else. Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here.

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Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs Vs Amsterdam Coffeeshops

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Comparing Barcelona cannabis social clubs to Amsterdam coffee shops isn’t easy. In fact, it’s not really a fair comparison to attempt, but since so many people insist that one is better than the other, this post is designed to set the record straight in the most even-handed way possible. I’ve lived in Amsterdam and I’ve lived in Barcelona. I’ve done professional reviews of cannabis social clubs and coffee shops and weed strains found at each within the last few months (2013-2014), and what I’ve found is that you cannot definitively state that one is better than the other. Read Full Article Here

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Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review: Bluebird

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I first went to Bluebird Coffeeshop in Amsterdam in 2001, and at the time I remember distinctly that the place was hopping. Located a block and a half from always-busy Nieumarkt, I wasn’t surprised to see that Bluebird Coffeeshop is just as busy in 2014 as it was more than a decade ago. A brightly colored and vibrant place, Bluebird offers a little bit of something for everyone; from arcade games to homemade smoothies to plenty of artistically decorated hang out nooks and crannies, Bluebird Coffeeshop in Amsterdam is definitely worth a visit. Read Full Coffeeshop Review Here