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Amsterdam Coffee Shop Review: The Doors

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The Doors Coffee Shop in Amsterdam is located on the beautiful and popular Singel canal. With stunning décor, a great location, friendly and welcoming staff and a proprietary cannabis strain called Morrison Haze, The Doors is easily the best coffee shop in Amsterdam. Even if you don’t like The Doors rock ‘n roll group or you have no idea who they were, you will still find that The Doors Coffee Shop will meet your every expectation of what a great Amsterdam coffee shop should be.

Amsterdam Coffee Shop Review Rating for The Doors: 5 of 5 Stars


And our Editor’s Pick for BEST COFFEE SHOP in AMSTERDAM!

The Doors Coffee Shop: EnvironmentThe Doors Coffee Shop in Amsterdam

Situated next to the Bulldog Rockshop, The Doors is located on the western side of the Singel canal. Other than the obvious association with the band “The Doors,” the exterior sign of this shop doesn’t do much to set it apart from the hundreds of other coffeeshops that exist throughout Amsterdam and the surrounding region. However, few coffeeshops have the outdoor seating space offered by The Doors, which can easily accommodate 12 people or more at two picnic tables sitting just outside the front entrance under a burgundy awning.

But when you walk in the shop you will immediately know that this place is different. The lighting is warm and the space inside is open and inviting. Comfortable booths have been installed all along one wall, which leaves the center space of the shop open for people to move about or sit back and admire their surroundings.

Comfy Seats at The DoorsTo the left of the entrance is a cushy nook area with comfortable seating neatly tucked in near the windows that look out onto the street. A large portrait of Jim Morrison hangs above this area, illuminated by modified industrial lights that create a unique circle-speckled effect on that wall and ceiling above it.

A smaller but similar cozy nook area with its own window sits to the right of the front doors.

Unique lamp fixtures on the ceiling cast welcoming and trippy glows across the entire shop. Overall The Doors is tastefully adorned with earth tones and plenty of real wood, including a wooden wainscoting that climbs more than a meter up the walls.

Directly ahead of the entrance is the bar, which is clean, spacious and appointed with incredible mahogany bar stools that you just won’t find anywhere else. Here you can order drinks or snacks, or you can push to the end of the bar and check out the weed menu.

The bar also features a small DJ station, which was pumping out classic rock that matched the décor perfectly: The Doors, Grateful Dead, Elvis and more played on overhead speakers, occasionally mixed in with some excellent (but chill) alternative rock music. For my tastes this shop plays the best music in Amsterdam, although I also really like the music that Coffeeshop Solo plays.

The Doors Coffee Shop: Marijuana SelectionThe Morrison Strain Produced by The Doors Coffeeshop

The Doors Coffee Shop offers an excellent selection of cannabis products, with prices that are in line with most other coffee shops in Amsterdam (top shelf is 15 Euro per gram). On the day that I reviewed this coffeeshop, Lemon Haze, White Widow and Jack Herer were on the menu, as well as the shop’s exclusive strain Morrison Haze.

I purchased a couple of grams of the Morrison haze and was extremely pleased with it. In fact, this Sativa dominant hybrid was the freshest marijuana I have ever acquired in my 12 years of travel and living in the Netherlands. The Morrison haze was lemony in taste and smell, had tons of red hairs throughout and provided the strong, active high of a classic potent sativa.

The Doors Coffee Shop: Extras & Accessories

The Doors offers the usual smoking and other accessories that you can find at any other coffeeshop in Amsterdam. This includes snacks and beverages, papers and filters, coffee, small pipes, etc. There isn’t much to write about in this section as the offerings in this regard are fairly standard. If you need good smoking pieces or specialty papers and filters, it’s best to find a head shop as most coffeeshops only carry the basic necessities.

Behind the bar at The Doors Coffeeshop in Amsterdam NLThe Doors Coffee Shop: Staff

There were two men working the night that I reviewed The Doors Coffee Shop. They were both extremely well-versed regarding their marijuana offerings and provided a level of information that most other shops could not match with their average employee. Although the guys refused to let me photograph the weed menu, I enjoyed talking with them immensely. They are the kind of people who will leave you in peace to smoke your weed, or they will engage with you as much as you want. That’s smart; providing just the level of interaction that a person wants, or letting them be. At many other shops in the city the staff won’t give you the time of day.

Seating at The Doors Coffeeshop AmsterdamConclusion

In my personal and professional opinion, The Doors Coffee Shop is the best coffee shop in Amsterdam. My only regret is that I did not discover this shop sooner. I will still spend most of my time at my “home” shop, Coffeeshop Solo, but now I will also be visiting and recommending The Doors regularly. This place has the nicest environment in the city, awesome staff and great weed, including the chance to try their awesome proprietary Morrison Haze, which I also strongly recommend. Have you been to The Doors in Amsterdam? Tell us what your experience was like in the comments below. Think there is a better coffeeshop in Amsterdam? Let’s hear about it!

Amsterdam Coffee Shop Review Rating for The Doors: 5 of 5 Stars


And our Editor’s Pick for BEST COFFEE SHOP in AMSTERDAM!

The door to The Doors on Singel in AMS

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