Stoned Pacman

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Here’s how Stoned Pacman works: FIRST and most IMPORTANT, leave your cursor on the active screen. Or better yet, leave your cursor somewhere in the game screen.

This weed game plays just like the original arcade version, but instead of eating pellets you have to eat a lot of pot.  There are also some bongs, joints and munchies to go after while you try to avoid being killed by the bad guys.  And just who are those bad guys?  Why none other than the much-feared ghost cops, ghost bouncers and the ever-nagging Mrs. Pacman.

You might think this marijuana game is pretty easy, but by the time you get to level 6 you’ll probably be too baked to win the game. In fact, even if you don’t smoke weed, Stoned Pacman is a challenging game, so good luck!

***If you are using a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, you may not be able to see the game above.  To play, you will need to download a version of Flash player that will work for your device.  Go to your favorite app store and type “flash player” in the search bar, then download the appropriate app for your device.***

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19 thoughts on “Stoned Pacman

  1. Do you know a good weed that’s mellow on the lungs to help with severe anxiety. I live in the US btw

    1. Hi Bradley, no sorry; we spent a lot of money and effort developing these games, and they’re what makes our site unique. 😉 However, you can have your site visitors play the games via an iFrame, where they’ll be playing the game from my site’s server, but won’t actually leave your site. Several websites have done this in the past and it worked out well for them. Best wishes Peace -Russ

  2. Yo Russ what kinda medical conditions do u need to have to be eligible for medical weed in the UK?

    1. Hola Maz; I don’t know the answer to that, sorry, you could Google it as quickly as me. I don’t have much to do with cannabis work in the UK at this stage, other than contacts in the industry there. Best wishes Peace -Russ

        1. Sorry, I don’t know what “plugs g” means… And no, I don’t give out my cannabis industry contacts to strangers, that would not be very cool of me…

    1. Thanks for your comment, are you trying to play with a smart phone or tablet? Most of the marijuana games on this site are built on Flash, so you’ll need to install a Flash app for your device. Otherwise, the games are only playable on desktops and laptops, sorry!

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