Mighty Mites

RULES for Mighty Mites:

First and MOST IMPORTANT, place your cursor somewhere in the active screen or game field and leave it there. Or, click somewhere on the game field to use the controls. The game requires this “active cursor” in order to move your character around.

Use Directional Arrows to Navigate the Ship

Press Spacebar to Fire the Insecticide Cannon

Press Shift to Activate Hyper-Escape

Collect Limited Invincibility

Collect Extra Ships

Mighty Mites is an online weed game based on Flash. If you are trying to access the game via a mobile device, you will not be able to see or play the game unless you install a Flash-player specific to your device. Just go to your app store and type “Flash Player” in the search bar.

To help fund further development of Mighty Mites, please send a small donation to: donations@marijuanagames.org

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