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These marijuana facts have been compiled largely from the fully cited Marijuana Quiz, and from other sources. This list of marijuana facts has been published in an effort to better educate the public about cannabis, but also as a unique source of interesting facts about marijuana that you might not know. We believe this compilation is accurate, but if you have reason to believe that a particular marijuana fact is incorrect and can provide references to support your claim, we will immediately investigate and update the page where necessary.

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Cannabis = Cannabaceae

Cannabis is an erect herb belonging to the Cannabaceae family of plants, which also includes hops.

The Difference Between Indica & Sativa is THC|CBD Content

Cannabis Sativa has a high concentration of THC, resulting in a euphoric high, while Cannabis Indica has a high concentration of CBD, resulting in a “body buzz.” Consequently, C. Sativa may be best for treatment of psychological conditions, whereas C. Indica may be best as a treatment for physical ailments.

It is not possible to fatally overdose on marijuana.

There has never been a documented case of a fatal marijuana overdose, and in fact there is no true definition of what constitutes a marijuana overdose simply because the consequences are generally not severe. For instance, consuming too much marijuana may make a person anxious or paranoid, but it would be difficult to argue that just because they experienced a negative symptom, that they had “overdosed” in the classic sense of the term. Consider a heroin, cocaine or meth overdose; the subject often becomes catatonic and without emergency life saving measures may die or suffer brain damage. This is not a concern with marijuana use.

Ganja is Not Legal in Jamaica

It is ILLEGAL to use, possess, buy, sell or transport marijuana in Jamaica.

The “Munchies” is a result of pot’s effect on insulin regulators and cannabinoid receptors

Marijuana regulates insulin levels and protects against insulin resistance as well as activating the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain and central nervous system. Both of these effects are directly linked to hunger and the feeling of satiation or fulfillment. Cannabis not only increases the appetite (and as a result is useful as an appetite stimulant to treat serious diseases) but makes food more palatable, and increases the level of “reward” felt by eating.

It is legal to use marijuana in private places in Spain

While it is not legal to publicly use, buy or distribute marijuana, Spain’s privacy laws are very liberal. Essentially, what you do in the privacy of your own home is legal, including using or growing marijuana. Because cannabis clubs are registered as private organizations, members can legally go to these clubs and buy/use marijuana if proper conditions are met.

Marijuana smoke is not as dangerous as tobacco smoke.

While both tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke contain carcinogens, the primary active ingredients of each create an opposing effect: nicotine in tobacco promotes cancer cell growth, while THC in marijuana prohibits or protects against cancer cell growth. More definitive research is needed.

It is possible to get a “Contact High”

Under the right conditions, a contact high is not only possible, but likely. Tests using subjects in closed areas with poor or no ventilation have clearly demonstrated not only a perceived and obvious experience of being “high,” but have also resulted in positive urine tests for cannabinols significantly beyond a control threshold. While a contact high is not likely in an outdoor environment, in a closed room with a great deal of sidestream smoke (not mainstream smoke, as this smoke has had the majority of its active ingredients stripped by the original smoker’s lungs) both inexperienced and veteran users can get a legitimate contact high. Ultimately this means that shotgunning your friend probably won’t get them high, but by rolling up the windows in a car and “clambaking,” it’s highly likely that even those in the vehicle who are not actively smoking will still get high, or at least have THC metabolites in their urine.

Marijuana use affects male reproductive function

It is well-established that smoking pot regularly can lead to reduced sperm count and decreased or impaired sperm function in men.

There are NO religious exceptions for marijuana use in the US

The United States government does not recognize religious use of marijuana. In fact, a number of court cases have been rejected by U.S. courts, including cases where established Rastafarians were denied a religious use defense. However, a case in Hawaii came to the public’s attention this summer when a local judge ruled that she would allow a defendant to mount a defense against marijuana distribution charges based on religious use.

Female cannabis plants can produce male flowers even when isolated

Cannabis plants can produce male flowers at virtually any stage once the proper light cycles are present, including early enough during flowering to cause an entire crop to go to seed. When this happens the plant is referred to as a hermaphrodite, and there is no way to predict if and/or when this will happen.

Weed is NOT legal in The Netherlands

Cannabis is not legal in any part of the country; it is merely tolerated (and decriminalized for small amounts) by the authorities. Public use, possession and other marijuana offenses are still punishable in the Netherlands under some conditions, and recent legislation has sought to restrict and even completely shutdown the world-famous Dutch coffeeshops.

THC levels average 10-13% in today’s marijuana

On average, today’s marijuana available on the illicit markets contains 10-13% of the active ingredient THC. Some strains seized by police have routinely tested at 25% THC, and reports of extremely potent strains at 37% exist.

The Marihuana Tax Act was made into law in 1937. The Marihuana Tax Act was modeled closely after the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act passed in 1914 to make opiates illegal.

Prison populations for marijuana-only crimes in the US are much lower than popularly believed

Approximately 40,000 people are in state or federal prison for marijuana-related offenses based on 2004 US Bureau of Justice statistics; half of these people are incarcerated based on marijuana charges only. Current Bureau of Justice statistics indicate as few as one tenth of one percent of federal and state prisoners in the US are incarcerated based on marijuana charges alone. However, at the time this page was published, the lack of federal funding in the U.S. resulted in the Bureau of Justice website being shutdown.

The PRIMARY difference in Hemp and Marijuana plants is the application

Hemp and marijuana are different variations of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The primary difference is in how they are used: the hemp industry makes use of the fibrous stalks of the tall, thin variety of C. Sativa, while recreational and medicinal marijuana calls for the female flowers of a shorter, bushier variety of C. Indica.

Hemp oil and cannabis seed oil can power heavy machinery

Cannabis seed oil can be used to power many different types of machinery and can be used as an industrial lubricant as well as a direct fuel. In fact, Henry Ford built a car made of hemp materials that ran on hemp fuel: the vehicle was once featured in an early issue of Popular Mechanics.

Documented use of medical marijuana has been found dating to 4,741 years ago

The earliest documented use of medicinal marijuana was by the Chinese Emporer Shen Nung in 2727 B.C. (However, it’s entirely possible that marijuana was being used by humans before this time. Obviously, for the Emporer to be writing about it, it’s logical to argue that the medical use of marijuana wasn’t new and that indeed it had been developing for a long time before Shen Nung wrote his treatise on it in 2727 B.C.)

Eating marijuana products is the safest & healthiest way to use the plant

Direct consumption of marijuana – eating it – is the safest or healthiest option because there is no smoke or particulates involved. However, many people are unable to properly regulate dosing when directly consuming marijuana, leading to a high that is too intense for some. Therefore, vaporization may be a better option and a safer one than inhaling marijuana smoke, although vapor contains particulates that could include arsenic. More studies are needed.

Cannabis likely originated in Asia

Cannabis originated in ancient Asia, probably near the Himalayas and almost certainly in parts of India. Because both C. Sativa and C. Indica are essentially strains of the same plant, they share the same origins.

Delta(9)-Tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary active ingredient in marijuana

THC is the primary – but not the only – psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The full name of this chemical is Delta(9)-Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Average cannabis seed viability is 3-5 years

Cannabis seeds will remain viable for approximately 3-5 years depending on the moisture content and light exposure of the storage container. However, it should be noted that some seeds (from other types of plants) have been successfully germinated after thousands of years in storage or frozen in ice. This means that an ancient marijuana stash recently found buried in China could hold viable 3,000 year-old pot seeds.

Holding your hits longer does not get you higher

It’s probably not beneficial to hold a hit any longer than a few seconds. By most accounts, about 95% of THC is absorbed by the lungs almost immediately. Because the lungs must be activated in order to extract the remaining active materials, the user would need to exhale and inhale again in order to make a “second pass.” However, at this time we could not find any direct clinical or other authoritative research to support this. Most of the anecdotal literature and a large consensus of forum postings online agree that it is not necessary and may in fact be harmful to hold a hit longer than a few seconds. Challengers please write in with your citations.

Marijuana can be detected in the body based on a wide range of variables – there is no set timeframe

It depends on the person. Weight, body fat percentage, amount, frequency and types of cannabis used as well as the person’s overall metabolism and state of health will all determine how long detectable levels of THC or other cannabinoids are present.

Sentencing guidelines for a small amount of pot can be up to a year in prison in the US

Up to one year in prison and $1,000 in fines can be handed out for possession of even a small amount of marijuana.

Marijuana dependence is real

In fact, around 9% of people who use marijuana will become dependent, according to a number of studies.

Less than 11% of countries tolerate marijuana use in any way

Based on 196 countries worldwide if you count Taiwan, 10.75% permit the personal use/possession of marijuana through legalization, tolerance or decriminalization. That’s a total of 21 countries. However, many more countries are pushing for changes to their marijuana laws as well.

Male cannabis plants do contain THC and CBD

Male cannabis plants do produce small amounts of THC in the leaves and stalks but do not produce “buds.” Still, male plants can be used to make cannabutter or even hash. However, most people destroy any male plants before they can fertilize their much more potent female counterparts.

Approximately 750,000 people are arrested for marijuana each year

Marijuana is NOT a gateway drug

Most marijuana users never use any other illicit drug.

Increasing admissions for treatment reflect primarily on court system mandates; not actual dependency numbers

More potent marijauna is not associated with increased level of dependence or negative health effects

Temperance Movement supporters recommended marijuana as a substitute for alcohol at the end of the 19th century

Paraguay is the world’s biggest producer of marijuana

It takes the average person under an hour to find drugs in a new city

Marijuana can be used successfully to treat mental illness

Marijuana is effective as an addiction treatment medication

Marijuana offers numerous protective properties against cancer

Marijuana use among young people decreases when medical marijuana laws are enacted

Young people with an average grade of “D” or lower were more than 4 times as likely to have used
marijuana in the past year when compared to youths who reported an average grade of “A”

THC and CBD, marijuana’s primary psychoactive compounds, are both known cancer killers

Marijuana triggers brain cell growth even in adults

Suicide rates are lower in areas where medical marijuana is available

42% of people in the United States have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime

Marijuana is completely legal and is not categorized as a drug in the country of North Korea

As of early 2014, there were 26 States with pending marijuana legislation

More than 1 TRILLION dollars have been spent on the War on Drugs since 1971

Marijuana is the most common illegal drug used in the world

Every day 6,000 Americans try marijuana for the first time

More than 200 words and slang terms exist for the term “marijuana”

The cannabis plant can grow one to two inches per day and up to 20 feet total in ideal conditions

Cannabis seeds were used as a food source in China as early as 6000 B.C.

In 1619 a law was passed in America requiring farmers to grow hemp

Cannabis improves soil conditions, whereas more common crops like corn and tobacoo destroy it

A 1933 axe murder that saw the death of an entire family was used by the media to hype marijuana insanity, even though cannabis was not a factor in the murder

Samuel Caldwell was the first U.S. citizen arrested under the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. He got 5 years of hard labor in the notorious Leavenworth prison

Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup is the biggest marijuana gathering in the world

Robert Randall sued the federal government (and won) and became the first person to get marijuana from the US government

Irvin Rosenfeld is the longest-living medical marijuana user, having received marijuana from the US government since 1983

The first two drafts of the United States Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper

Paraguay is believed to be the world’s largest producer of marijuana

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