Feature Image The Plug Barcelona Cannabis Club

Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: The Plug

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Some of Barcelona’s cannabis clubs have a well-earned reputation for good weed, and The Plug BCN is one of them. This Barcelona cannabis social club opened two years ago, but in that short period of time has become one of the community’s most respected cannabis haunts, building up an impressive trophy cabinet that boasts around 50 awards. It’s a favorite of industry event Spannabis, winning […]

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Maine Dispensary Review: 1 Mill in Belfast

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1 Mill is a Maine cannabis dispensary (registered caregiver storefront) located fittingly at 1 Mill Rd. in Belfast. Founded by well-known Maine cannabis activist Paul T. McCarrier, 1 Mill is one of Maine’s newest cannabis shops, but it also comes to the Midcoast market as one of the most well-prepared dispensaries, with connections extending deep into Maine’s burgeoning cannabis community. Maine Dispensary Review Rating for […]

Feature Image for Destioney Pinkham Maine Women in Cannabis

Maine Women in Cannabis: Destioney Pinkham

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Destioney Pinkham is a powerful, sharp-witted, and wicked friendly Maine woman. As the owner of Rip Tide Smoke Shop in Belfast, Destioney is young, but already making a positive impact on her community: after being open for just 2 years, Destioney’s shop won Business of the Year for Waldo County. Based on her early success and contagiously confident attitude, it’s likely that there’ll be more […]

Feature Image Review of Sensi Sensei in Jefferson Maine

Maine Dispensary Review: Sensi Sensei

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Sensi Sensei cannabis dispensary in Jefferson has the best marijuana in Maine. Founded and backed by a proven Master Cannabis Grower, the raw cured flower available at this caregiver-storefront is exemplary, including what is likely the only true Haze this author has seen in the state. Despite its location in the middle-of-nowhere, Sensi Sensei offers such fine cannabis products that it’s easily worth it to […]

Feature Image Jillian Pelletier-Litovsky Maine Women in Cannabis

Maine Women in Cannabis: Jillian Pelletier-Litovsky

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Maine medical cannabis caregiver Jillian Pelletier-Litovsky specializes in helping women find relief from troubling medical and psychological conditions. Her company, Virgo Moon Botanicals, manufactures CBD, Kratom, and other alternative remedies in Mechanic Falls, Maine. This article explores Jillian’s expertise with hemp-derived CBD, her work with women, and her important role as a woman in the cannabis industry in Maine. Jillian Pelletier-Litovsky: Beginnings Unlike most interviewees […]

Feature Image Zak Lapan Maine Hemp Farmer Profile

Maine Hemp Farmer Profile: Zak Lapan

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Until about a year ago, Zak Lapan wasn’t a Maine hemp farmer at all. In fact, just 12 months ago Zak had never grown hemp before. Today, he manages one of the biggest Maine hemp production facilities, sourcing more than 200,000 hemp seeds to ultimately sprout 175,000 hemp seedlings in a warehouse in Belfast, Maine. This article explores how Zak went from a black- and […]

Feature Image King Bishop Maine Marijuana Caregiver

Maine Marijuana Caregiver: King Bishop

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Maine marijuana caregiver King Bishop is one of the most active and well-known caregivers in the state. As a medical marijuana caregiver in Maine, King produces excellent cannabis – nearly all of it grown outside, and entirely managed by hand. King Bishop is also a leading cannabis activist and has been involved in the push for marijuana legalization in Maine for years. An easy-going and […]

Feature image for Xmas in July Maine Cannabis News Event

Xmas in July at New World Organics

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BELFAST, Maine On July 31st at 10:00 New World Organics in Belfast, Maine will host its first-annual Christmas in July event.  Featuring a free barbecue, guest speakers, giveaways, raffles, and more, this is a premium mid-summer event from one of the leading Maine marijuana dispensaries. Dr. Mary, a licensed physician with the state of Maine, will meet with potential new patients and others from 11:00 […]

Feature Image New World Organics Review Belfast

Maine Dispensary Review: New World Organics

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New World Organics cannabis dispensary in Belfast is one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Maine. Although the city of Belfast is small, New World Organics offers products and services reminiscent of the big-city marijuana dispensaries of Colorado and California, while still maintaining that small-town, friendly approach. Currently this shop is open to certified Maine medical marijuana patients only, but that will soon change thanks […]

EDITED Feature Image for Barcelona Cannabis Club President Detained in Canada

Barcelona Cannabis Club President Detained, Money Confiscated, Barred from Canada for Life

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The same day that Canada legalized recreational marijuana, a Barcelona cannabis club president was detained, interrogated, threatened, had 12,000 Euro permanently confiscated, and was summarily banned from Canada forever, simply because he presides over a legitimate private cannabis club in Barcelona, Spain. This article is an important read for anyone in the cannabis industries that intends to travel to Canada; consider this a warning. Barcelona […]

Featue Image for Mon Ami Cannabis Club Review Barcelona

Review of Mon Ami Cannabis Club in Barcelona

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Mon Ami is an elegant private cannabis club located in the center of Barcelona. Even though it’s one of Barcelona’s newest cannabis social clubs, the people behind the association spent years planning and meticulously developing the club. If you’re lucky enough to get an invitation to join this cannabis association, you’ll immediately see why it’s destined to become on of the top marijuana clubs in […]

Green Shot Cannabis Club Madrid Feature Image

Madrid Cannabis Club Review: Green Shot

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Green Shot cannabis club in Madrid is one of the best-kept secrets in the capital of Spain. Comparable to the speakeasy style of the famous Dr. Dou marijuana club in Barcelona, Green Shot features multiple tastefully-adorned levels where members can gather and commune. In fact, Green Shot has a thriving but exclusive member community, making it one of the most desirable of Madrid’s cannabis social […]

Feature image for Zanzi Club Review in Barcelona

Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Zanzi

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Zanzi cannabis club in Barcelona is earning a reputation for blending excellent values on marijuana products with a sweet location just a stone’s throw from the beach in Barceloneta. While there are a few other cannabis clubs in the Barceloneta area, none of them are anywhere near as nice as Zanzi. Though it’s a new club – joining the “green rush” in Catalunya just 10 […]

Feature Image StarGrass social club Barcelona Spain

StarGrass BCN Cannabis Club Review

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Stargrass BCN is located near Barcelona’s infamous Sagrada Familia – Antonio Gaudi’s landmark work. At just over a year old, Stargrass is one of this city’s newer cannabis clubs, but it’s already establishing itself as a household name in its community. With an excellent selection of both classic and unusual strains, StarGrass is one of the best choices for cannabis connoisseurs looking for a good […]

Main Room at Organic Cannabis Club Marbella

Review: Organic Cannabis Club Marbella

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Organic Cannabis Club in Marbella, Spain, is a musically-oriented marijuana social club with a standing policy of “No Nuns, No Children, and No Non-Smokers.” Offering all-organic cannabis varieties, Organic Cannabis Club Marbella is a rarity in Spain. And with a diverse selection of musical instruments available for members to play, this social smoker’s club is an outstanding place to jam out with friends, relax, and […]

Feature image for Tresor marijuana club review

Review of Tresor Cannabis Club Barcelona

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Tresor Cannabis Club in Barcelona is one of the city’s newest high-end marijuana associations. With a gorgeous, clean, and modern interior, and some of the finest cannabis in Catalunya, Tresor will quickly rival even top clubs like HQ, Circulo, Choko, and Dr. Dou. Located in the upscale area of Eixample – sufficiently outside of the touristic chaos that is Barcelona’s Placa Catalunya and Las Ramblas […]

Feature Image for Blue Magic cannabis club review

Review: Blue Magic Cannabis Club, Barcelona

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The newest cannabis club in Barcelona is Blue Magic. Opened just this past week, Blue Magic is likely to quickly make a name for itself among Barcelona’s cannabis social clubs. Located in the trendiest, hard-partying, night-clubbing beach part of the city, Blue Magic is far from the touristy areas of Las Ramblas and Placa Catalunya. Perfect to include as part of your night out on […]

Feature Image for 6 Things Madrid Cannabis Club Membership

Madrid Cannabis Club Membership: What You Need

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Here we unveil the great mystery of getting membership at a cannabis club in Madrid.  Just kidding; it’s quite simple.  The main requirement for joining a Madrid cannabis club is to know someone on the inside – these are private clubs, after all.  Other than that, there are just 5 more things that you need to get membership at a marijuana club in Madrid, Spain: […]

6 Things Needed for membership at a Barcelona cannabis club

6 Things You Need for Membership at a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

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Barcelona’s cannabis clubs are private, members-only social clubs organized legally as Associations under Spain’s Constitutional “Right to Association.” This means that getting a cannabis club membership isn’t as simple as walking in and paying a fee. In response to the hundreds of questions I get each week about club membership, this article details exactly what you need to get membership at a Barcelona cannabis club. […]

Feature Image The Wave Cannabis Club Barcelona

Review of The Wave Cannabis Club, Barcelona

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The Wave is a brand-new Barcelona Cannabis Club located in the Selva del Mar area of the city; just a 3-minute walk from the beach and close to the Forum, where the now-infamous Primavera Sound festival is held each year. (Need to join a cannabis club for Primavera this year? The Wave is a great option!) Featuring a solid cannabis selection and a welcoming atmosphere […]