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Alpine Alternative

8112 Alpine Ave, Sacramento, CA 95826
Phone Number:
Russ Hudson
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2 thoughts on “Alpine Alternative

  1. I’m trying to find a new seed supplier for next grow year. I have read good things about TGA and your name came up, and I think I’m a member too. Is it best to tell you the strain and see if you have it in stock? Or order and you tell me when it will come in? I have got my seed from The Attitude, but I no longer trust them, because of bad results, and no recourse to bad seeds. Looking forward to doing business with California’s.

    1. Hi Tim; the listing you are commenting on is part of the directory on this site; we are not affiliated with Alpine in any way. Please use their contact information in the listing to contact them directly and see if they can help. Peace -Russ

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