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Flowsent is a premium marijuana delivery service in Oakland, Sacramento and beyond.
Flowsent is proudly bringing California’s finest cannabis to patients statewide. Get the best cannabis products delivered with Flowsent.

Our team consists of local business owner with over 50 years of experience. Also, our team has won many Cannabis Cup and Emerald Cup awards.

We are proud of our home state and the world class weed grown here.
We own our warehouses and delivery vehicles. In addition, our partner, Guild Extracts and local farms allows us to offer high-quality flower and cannabis oil products for our customers at low prices – every time.

Anyone looking for the best weed subscription box in California will want to check out our growing collection of themed cannabis boxes. We’re proud of our home state of California. We have the best lifestyle, the best food, the best beer and the best weed. We travel around the state on a regular basis looking for the finest cannabis products from smaller craft producers.

The Flow Box is our absolute favorite must-have goodies for any cannabis lover. Items may include edibles, prerolls, CBD pressed tabs, flower and topicals.

Here in California, we march to our own tune. We’ve got the best cannabis in the world and the best lifestyle along with it. Elevate that golden state of mind with premium cannabis delivered straight to you by Flowsent.

Each time you order from flowsent.com marijuana delivery you earn loyalty points you can cash in for big discounts or other goodies. Take a look at our menu to see what’s new!

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