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Three Monkeys Asociacion

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Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 161 08004 Barcelona
Russ Hudson
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5 thoughts on “Three Monkeys Asociacion

  1. Hola buenas, me llamo Elba acabo de llegar a Barcelona para estar tiempo aquí y bueno soy consumidora habitual de cannabis me gustaría unirme a algún club, el problema es que no conozco a nadie pero bueno igual me podeis echar una mano.

    Gracia sy espero su contestación.

  2. Yes, I mistakenly posted it here, tried to fix it by informing you.. could you remove it, plz? 🙂

  3. Im 38 yrs old finnish who moved to barcelona a month ago and Id like to join your club in order to provide cannabis for therapeutical use.

    My friend from Holland, Robbie got me some of your stuff 50/50 Sat/ind. and I liked it very much, worked very well. So I ran out of his bringings and would need more to balance my symptoms with ADHD.

    1. Hi Victor; the page you are commenting on is the directory listing for Three Monkeys. We are not affiliated with the association in any way; we merely provide the directory. Please use the information provided to contact Three Monkeys directly. Peace -Russ

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