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Business Listing Type:
Carrer Selva de Mar, 140 08020 Barcelona
Phone Number:
933 035 049
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2 thoughts on “NPK

  1. i have been move to in barcelona and want to join that club to get weed for getting fun and friendly connection to people. But this company don’t let me go inside for getting weed or join. Why?? Membership support need. Why? i am tourist and come here for fun and i want to live in here.

    That NPK club from my home 2 street next, i want to join and pay for fun for all time when i need, but they didn’t let me go inside.. why? because they started to work with free membership and getting money, than not foreign people. pehh..

    i want to join that club, someone can help me?

    1. You need to find a member of the club to refer/sponsor you for membership; ALL clubs in Spain require a sponsor. If you don’t know someone, you can’t join, as these are private clubs requiring a member referral by law.

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