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Asociación Senzi

Business Listing Type:
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 674 08010 Barcelona
Phone Number:
936 670 390
Website :
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8 thoughts on “Asociación Senzi

  1. I wrote you to join your club but I saw that you are closed. Please can you give me the name of other clubs possible near Eixample? Reply me as soon as possible, thank you

  2. Hola a mi me gustaría saber si voy al cent y me podré hacer socio o poder probeerme por favor decirme algo o donde puedo acudir Gracias

  3. hello.
    is senzi still closed and if yes where can i go cause im already a member at senzi and not looking forward to pay anymore memberships fees.

    thank you

  4. Hi, Me and my girlfriend are currently in the city on a trip from the uk and I’m looking to join a club, any chance you guys could help us out?

    Please email me and let’s know,
    Peace ✌️

    1. Hi Richard; Well first off I see that you are commenting on the listing for the Senzi club, and I regret to inform you that they have been closed pending a legal investigation. Fortunately, there are many cannabis clubs in Barcelona that aren’t under such pressure and scrutiny, and I will send you an email with more information about these. Thanks for stopping by! Peace -Russ

  5. hello,

    we come in Barcelona on August 2014.
    what have to do for smoke in your club?

    i’m turist.

    please reply me.

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