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Carrer Anna Maria Martinez Sagi, 39 08041 Barcelona
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934 462 911
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4 thoughts on “Greenardó

  1. Greenardo caught my eye when I saw it had a medical marijuana program. I had only been to other clubs which did not have such a program and specialization in the therapeutic aspect of weed. It was interesting for me as I have had back pains for a couple of years now. I started doing physiotherapy and yoga. Later, I also started smoking weed to help alleviate the pain temporarily. However, I never came across “medical marijuana”, which I am curious to know what effect it would have on my back pains. I’d imagine they would be strains with very high CBD and low THC (which I think would benefit my situation the most as I don’t like to get too “high” from the THC). I’d want to know whether medical marijuana could have an even more alleviating effect on my back pains (which having done an MRI have found to be linked to the compression of the inter vertebral disk and a disk protrusion) and therefore I’d kindly request more info about the program (if possible) and how I can become a member (possibly by this week).

    Kind regards


      1. Dear Russ,

        Thank you for your concern. Unfortunately, I have still not been able to achieve membership at the club. I tried contacting some people who could help me get membership with no success. Most importantly however, I took the steps which had been suggested to me by Greenardo to apply for the medical program. So I wrote to FEDCAC (1st step) and told them about my health issue, asked them further information on the program and how it works. They replied by saying:

        “Buenas tardes,
        ante todo agradecer que contactes con nosotros. El gabinete terapéutico colabora con los médicos de Kalapa Clinic, y para poder realizar la valoración, es necesario la visita con el doctor que tiene un coste de 50€.
        En caso de que quiera adherirse al programa es necesario que nos haga llegar el nombre completo y teléfono de contacto, para que el gabinete medico pueda contactar con usted y acordar una cita para su visita.
        Muchas Gracias,
        Gabinet Terapèutic
        Gabinet Terapèutic

        Therefore, I provided them with my full name and mobile number as requested. I also told them when I would be available to meet. Surprisingly, they did not get back to me. I tried writing to them multiple other times but they did not call me back or reply to my emails, which I found particularly bizarre.

        Could you suggest me what I could do next?

        Furthermore, if this does not work out could you suggest me a club with a similar program or a club with medical strains that I could attempt to become member of?

        Kind regards


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