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Ateneu Llibertari Nura

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Apdo. de correos 108  07780 Ciutadella de Menorca 
Phone Number:
971 38 44 55 
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13 thoughts on “Ateneu Llibertari Nura

    1. I’ve been on menorca for the last week and I havent smelt any weed anywhere what so ever,its dry here,there are no clubs to join,so far holiday has been utter shite

  1. I’m gonna spend a week in menorca next week, is there any way to get a referral to the local weed club?

    1. Hola Karim; sorry mate, I don’t have connections in Menorca any more. ;-( Try searching on Facebook using Spanish terms and contact and clubs you find; ask what their requirements are. Good luck! Peace -Russ

  2. Hola russ. I try to contact Minorca center but the mail address si not correct. Can you help me? Peace and love

    1. Hola Andrea; this is the directory listing for ALN; we are not affiliated with the club in any way. Please contact them directly to make a query or submit an application. Peace -Russ

  3. dear sir i ll be in menorca in between 9-16/08 and was wondering if i can manage to find marijuana there.

    please revert! ; )|

    1. Hi Daniel; the page you are commenting on is the directory listing for Ateneu Llibertari Nura; we are not affiliated with them in any way, we merely provide the listing. Please contact the club directly using the information provided. Peace -Russ

  4. Hiya, I wondered if you can help me. I am coming to Menorca in August and wondered if i could have an address of a Cannabis Association/Club please. Is it possible for me to join so I can buy some cannabis whilst I’m there?

    Many Thanks,


    1. Hi Rachel; the only information we have on cannabis clubs outside of Barcelona is our directory, which you have clearly found. My only recommendation is to contact the clubs directly of any associations that are located near you. Good luck

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