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Asociación Mallorquina para la Información del Cannabis (AMIC) 

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Costa de Can Muntaner, 10, L2  07003 Palma de Mallorca 
Phone Number:
971 72 04 12 
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8 thoughts on “Asociación Mallorquina para la Información del Cannabis (AMIC) 

  1. HOLA es posible unirse al club? Soy un consumidor habitual, estoy aquí de vacaciones. Yo vengo de roma

  2. hi, I want to know how do you become, how much? and how many years it takes for entate, I’ll be on vacation in Palm

    1. Hi Nico; the page you are commenting on is the directory listing for AMIC. We merely provide the listing and are not affiliated with this organization in any way. Please use the contact information provided to get in touch with AMIC directly. Peace -Russ

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