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Business Listing Type:
c/ Doctor Dou No. 10 08001 Barcelona
Phone Number:
931 857 980
Russ Hudson
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5 thoughts on “Alhambra

  1. My wife and I will be arriving 11 June 2017 and would like to acquire a membership card (2) to visit your club then.
    Thanks; I am looking forward to this.

    1. Hola Wallace; I’m sorry to tell you that Alhambra closed down several years ago, but I did respond to your email with details about other options there. Peace -Russ

      1. Hi Russ,

        Sorry to hear Alhambra closed down, are you able to send me some other cafes that are able to visit?

        Much appreciated

  2. I’ll like to visit your club and to be
    yours membership
    enjoy and peace
    Nicola Prisco

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