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Barcelona Cannabis Club Membership

On this page you’ll find:

  • Basic Barcelona Cannabis Club Membership Requirements
  • An Offer to Sponsor you for Membership at a Cannabis Club in Barcelona
  • Comprehensive Resources to Learn more about Barcelona Cannabis Club Membership

Do you want to become a member at a Barcelona cannabis social club?  If you meet some basic requirements, we will be happy to sponsor you for membership once we have struck up a dialogue – all you have to do to find out if you qualify is email us at, and tell us a little about yourself, but please follow the instructions below:

First, please understand that this page is not meant to be promotional or advertorial.

Second, if you have questions, please read the following articles, which will tell you everything you need to know about membership at a Barcelona cannabis club, and how these private social clubs work:

Reading Materials – Cannabis Club Resources

Please read at least some of these articles BEFORE you write to ask us questions; we get hundreds of emails each week about membership at Barcelona’s cannabis clubs, so help us help you by educating yourself so that you understand what you’re getting into.

Next, all you need to do is email us.  In your email, please tell us the following:

  1. Are you 18+, or 21+? 
  2. Can you provide an address in Spain (not a hotel or hostel) for registration purposes?
  3. What specific day would you like to go to the club to register as a new member?

Please keep in mind that we do not work for the cannabis social clubs in Barcelona or any other city in Spain.  The reviews on this site are based purely on personal opinion and are not in any way meant to be construed as advertisements or promotional material for the clubs, dispensaries, or coffeeshops contained within. Not everyone who applies will be accepted for membership, sorry.

If you feel you meet the requirements to join, please email us now with the information requested above:

Here’s a more detailed list of specific posts about Barcelona’s cannabis clubs that you will find useful:

10 Things You Need to Know About Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

Is Cannabis Legal in Barcelona?

Tourists and Marijuana in Barcelona

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona: Not a Legal Loophole

6 Things You Need for Membership at a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

How to Behave as a Tourist in Barcelona

81 thoughts on “Get Your Membership – Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

  1. Tried to comment earlier and not sure if it posted , in Barcelona from today untill Tuesday evening would love some help joining a club to smoke. Have already emailed with the aim. Thanks for any help you can give

  2. He llo, I love this environment and I really would love to start being part of it… I am going door by door to all the clubs leaving my CV and explaining my skills and added values that I can provide to the club, but of course it’s not so easy to get their trust. I really would love to show my abilities and I can be useful in different ways… do you have any suggestion to make my “dream” come true? ;P
    thanks for your time and understanding

    1. Hola Simone; thank you for your comments. The cannabis clubs in Barcelona are just like any other business, so other than applying directly, I don’t have any suggestions, sorry! Best way is to become a member of a club and stick around for a while, make yourself known. But that takes time. Best wishes. Peace -Russ

    2. Hi there , I’m in Barcelona with my girlfriend for the next few days, followed your instructions and emailed you about joing a club. Would appreciate any help you can give as would love the chance to smoke in Barcelona. From what you wrote I think I also meet the nescecary requirements.

      Thanks for your time

  3. Hi Russ, I mailed about membership to a couple clubs but, got a reply from JG saying that she’s not a member so can’t refer me?

    Are you able to help buddy?

    All the best!

  4. Hey Russ,

    Emailed you as instructed on your information page to become a member of a social club in Madrid and Barcelona. My wife and I are here celebrating 10 years of marriage and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to taste some flower from Spain. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your generosity!

  5. Emailed Russ and got a response same day. He got me membership into the Dr Dou club which has a $30 membership fee. Experience was very professional and Dr Dou club was also cool. Highly recommend.

  6. Hi Russ,am in Barcelona with my wife from the 15th-19th October for our anniversary and we are looking for a nice chilled out place for a smoke,looking on going on the 16th .please advise.
    Kind regards,and thanks in advance,

  7. I wrote to Russ and in less than a day was given access to one of the best clubs in Barcelona. Tbh the best I’ve ever been to. 10 out of 10 to Russ for efficiency, organisation and professionalism. We need more players like Russ in the game!

  8. Hey Russ. Me and three friends, aged 23-27 regular smokers, will be in Barcelona in September and will want to smoke some Spanish weed throughout our stay. I want to become a member so that I can get invitations for my friends to different clubs. Can you help us out?!

    Regards, Bill

  9. Hi Russ,
    I’m visiting Barcelona 2nd of august and would like a membership to one of the clubs. After doing some research, I tried to fill out one of the membership forms, but unfortunately when I entered my date of birth it would not let me proceed as I had entered the date in the wrong format ie 06/11/1981. After several attempts to enter in the Spanish date format, it still would not work. I’ve contacted 2 different clubs through FB about this, but just received automated messages sending me right back to the same membership form.

    Can you please advise me on this?

    Kind regards


    1. Hola Ben; you can’t apply directly to a club without a current member who can sponsor you. If you’d like me to act as your sponsor, please follow the instructions on this page. Peace -Russ

  10. Hello Russ,
    I will be one week in Barcelona and wanted to vistit some cannabis social clubs. Could you help me, I am 19 years old and a regular smoker.

  11. Hola!
    I’ll be in Barcelona from next monday and I’m looking to become a club member. I`m 30 y.o. and I would say experienced smoker =)
    I would love to taste good quality during my visit. Would you help me?
    Best Regards

  12. Buenos dias, estare en barcelona unos dias, es posible que pueda visitar tu asociacion? gracias y un saludo

  13. Hola! Russ,

    I’ll be in Barcelona from Sunday and I’m looking to become a club member I`m 35 y.o. and I would say experienced smoker. I would love to taste good quality during my visit. Would you help me?
    Best Regards

  14. Hola que tal?
    Voy a estar en Barcelona desde hoy hasta el miércoles me encantaría pasar por el circulo

  15. Hi Russ,
    I will be here today and tomorrow in Barcelona. Think you could find me some good weed/hash for a reasonable price while I’m here?

  16. Hello Russ I’m in USA and be there in a month can you help me become a member I be there for a week

  17. Hi Russ, ill be staying in lloret de mar for 10 days in april – ive smoked for well over 30 years now and as I am away for such a long time I could do with a recommendation to a local club If possible.

  18. Hello Russ I’m flying out to Calella in may and I’m over 21 a frequent user and I’m wondering is there coffeeshops and can If I can get a membership

    1. Hola Russell; yes, I think there are cannabis clubs there, but I don’t personally have connections with any, sorry. Try searching Facebook for cannabis associations in the area, you might find something that way. Good luck! Peace -Russ

  19. Mr. Hudson, I was recently there and I’m so very happy to have reached out. The help you gave was invaluable. Your reccomdation on the club was perfect. I really can’t thank you enough. I really appreciate the time you took for me! Thank you and have a great time in your travels!

  20. Hello Russ,

    I’ll be in Barcelona until Sunday and am looking to become a member of a club somewhere close to Las Ramblas. Any way to meet tonight or tomorrow morning? Ive been a regular smoker for decades and would love to experience this side of Barcelona.

  21. Hi Russ. My boyfriend and I will be in Barcelona in a few days. We’re both over 21 and are frequent users. We would love your help!

  22. I’m getting on a plane in 10 hrs to fly from Los Angeles to Barcelona. I know it’s late but can i get a membership? I hope I didn’t mess up – I was under the impression that there would be no problem getting cannabis in Spain. I am a 69 year old, card-carrying medical user from California and my wife and I are going on a cruise leaving Barcelona on October 22. Would you please let me know if there are any options or me?
    Mil Gracias – Ric

  23. Hey man looking to come to Barcelona soon, I know it says email a few days before just want to check if this is still good (not sure how old site is lol) anyways look foward to hearing from you

  24. Dear Russ,
    Good morning, I’ve come to understand that we have many factors that makes us unique and yet share so much in common,such as the love to live and to think, and to exercise and to record our thoughts on paper. I have a love for those are opwn minded and who love to learn and continue to grow mentally. I am a fan of your work, and admire what you do, very much.
    I will be sure to email you if I plan a trip to Barcelona, that is specifically to meet you in person and perhaps play a few games of chess and enjoy learning from each other, and I would love to perhaps try super lemon haze with you; I believe it would be a favorite of mine as well.
    I would love to share my life story with you,
    For Now God Bless,
    -Your new friend, AJ.

  25. Hey man, my name is Darcy and im from New Zealand, im a regular cannabis user and 18+ im only in Bcn for 1 week but would like to apply to join a cannabis club please get back to me when you can as i am in Barcelona now 😉

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