6 Things You Need for Membership at a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

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Barcelona’s cannabis clubs are private, members-only social clubs organized legally as Associations under Spain’s Constitutional “Right to Association.” This means that getting a cannabis club membership isn’t as simple as walking in and paying a fee. In response to the hundreds of questions I get each week about club membership, this article details exactly what you need to get membership at a Barcelona cannabis club.

1. Valid Government-Issued ID

You need this not only to join, but also every time you enter the club, and during the entire time you are inside of the club. You must always have both your ID card and your private member’s club card in your possession.

2. Meet Age Requirements

Some cannabis clubs in Barcelona allow members as young as 18 to join, but most restrict membership to people who are 21 or older. Make sure you know the club’s policy before you attempt to join.

3. Provide a Residential Address

You need to provide a residential address in Spain to join a private cannabis club in Barcelona, or a club in any other part of the country. Most clubs will not force you to verifiy of your address, but it’s good to make sure that, even if you’re new to the city, you use an address in the proper format:

  • Name
  • Street Name / Street Number
  • Floor Number
  • Apartment or Unit Number
  • Post Code

4. Agree to Assign the Club Grow Rights

During registration, you’ll assign the club the right to grow cannabis on your behalf. This is done by authorizing the club to produce X amount of cannabis for you each month. You can choose as low as 5 grams per month and as much as 80 grams per month, or less at some clubs.

5. Pay a Membership Fee

Each club varies, but nearly all collect a yearly membership fee from their socios. This fee can range anywhere from 20 to 100 Euro; it really depends on the club.

Barcelona cannabis Club Sponsorship offer

Need a sponsor to join a cannabis club in Barcelona? Interested people can email the author directly: russ@marijuanagames.org

6. Get a Sponsor

To keep with the private nature of Barcelona cannabis clubs, you must be sponsored for membership by an existing member. The member who sponsors you must be an active member in good standing, with a valid membership card and identification card. You will not be able to join without a sponsor, even if you meet all the other requirements.

What You Don’t Need:

a. Residency

At most private cannabis clubs, you don’t need to be a resident of Spain or of Barcelona to join. You will provide a residential address during your registration, but you don’t need to be an actual resident. However, some clubs do not allow new members who are not Spanish or Catalan – this is more often the case at cannabis associations on the outskirts of the city.

b. Medical Conditions

Spain doesn’t have a medical marijuana program of any sort. Therefore, membership at a cannabis club in Barcelona is not dependent on medical use by the applicant. Some clubs offer preferred membership status and discounts to members who use for legitimate medical purposes, but it’s not a condition of membership.

Are you a member of any cannabis clubs where the requirements were more, or less, than what’s detailed here? Let us know in the comments section below!