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Asociación para Estudios del Cáñamo  (AEC) 

Apdo. de correos 1.124  33408 Salinas (Asturias) 
Phone Number:
985 51 87 05 
Russ Hudson
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2 thoughts on “Asociación para Estudios del Cáñamo  (AEC) 

  1. Hi, Russ. My name is Tim and I live in Somao next to Muros de Nalon. May this note find you well.

    While I smoked small quantities of weed in the early 70s, I am very much a neophyte with regards to cannabis.

    My PTSD from military experiences is much more under control than it used to be. I would like to explore the use of cannabis edibles to better manage the anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and paranoia. While not debilitating, I sense they could be less frequent.

    Your site with an address in Salinas popped up. Just wondering if you might have some observations, experiences, or comments that you could share with me regarding this thought.

    Thanks for your time and attention.

    Regards and peace, Tim

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