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Asociación de la Cultura Cannábica de Valencia – La Barraca de María (ACCV)

Pedro Monsoriu, 6-B  Valencia 
Phone Number:
620 46 22 49
Russ Hudson
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8 thoughts on “Asociación de la Cultura Cannábica de Valencia – La Barraca de María (ACCV)

  1. Hey Russ, you helped me last year in Madrid, I am going to valencia in 5 days, do you know of anyone or anywhere in valencia I can go.

  2. Hi. These asociation was the first of Valencia. It is not disolv but it have not activity long time ago.

    There is now a grow shop in the port aveniu with the same name, but it is not a club.

    The foreings need to know, the cannabis spanish model is not desing for hims.
    If they come in hollydays and they are able to join like members this club dont follow the rules of FAC. Confederation of Asociations of Cannabis in Spain.

    Have a nice day.
    A activist from Valencia.

    1. No, you are incorrect. Only clubs that BELONG to FAC, FEDCAC, CATFAC, etc. have to follow the regulations of those associations. Many clubs in Spain, in fact MOST clubs in Spain, are NOT a member of any such organization and so are not bound by those rules. No club in Spain is required to join FAC or any other organization, so they cannot be bound by the rules of organizations that they do not belong to; I really don’t think you understand FAC/FEDCAC/CATFAC and how they work; they are NOT lawmakers.

      Additionally, there has NEVER been any law, stipulation, regulation, rule or requirement that non-Spanish nationals cannot access cannabis clubs. This has never been the case. As a member of the EU, Spain cannot create discriminatory practices against other members of the EU. Additionally, as I mentioned, there is NO LAW against foreigners joining a club. The requirements are that the Closed Circle Doctrine remain intact, the new member is sponsored by an existing member, and that the club must obey its own Articles of Association.

      As an activist from Valencia, you should better educated yourself on these matters and stop spreading misinformation; that’s not activism.

      Regarding the update to the listing, I have not heard from either organization involved and cannot make updates based on third party information.



    2. Hello Riverstone! this is of topic but:
      we are looking for serious and trust-worthy activists in Valencia, Spain. to join a CSC we are starting! if you are interested in meeting up, email me!

      best regards/ kat

  3. Hola,

    I am a french guy from Paris and Im planning to visit Valencia from next sunday to the following one.
    I am a cannabis lover and I would want to know if it is possible to come visit you or to be a member of your association.
    I would appreciate if you tell me the different steps to be a member, knowing that I m french.
    Thans a lot,



    1. Hi Damien; the page you are commenting on is the directory listing for ACCV; we are not affiliated with the club in any way. To get in touch with them, please contact them directly using the information provided. Peace -Russ

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