Question 1 Debate to legalize marijuana in Maine

Why I Flip-Flopped on Question 1 to Legalize Marijuana

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At the Question 1 Debate to legalize recreational marijuana for adults in the State of Maine, I completely changed my position on this historic bill. Upon arrival at Unity College I was prepared to vote NO on Question 1, and as I took my seat it became obvious that the majority in the crowd were against the bill. But a well-staged debate is designed to change hearts and minds and that’s exactly what happened for me. Read Full Article Here

German Medical Marijuana Bill Feature Image

Medical Marijuana in Germany set for Regulation

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Medical marijuana in Germany might have its day soon as the country’s political decision makers are increasingly being forced to admit that cannabis has significant therapeutic potential. The medical marijuana debate raged during 2015 in the country, leading German legislators and politicians to prepare a draft proposal this month that seeks, among other things, to create a new government agency that will regulate and oversee the burgeoning medical marijuana industry in Germany. Read Full Story Here

The Real Casualties of Marijuana Legalization Feature Image

The Real Casualties of Marijuana Legalization

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Cannabis supporters loudly proclaim that there will be no deaths as a result of marijuana legalization, but this just isn’t true. The fact is that the casualties of marijuana legalization will be vast and prolonged, but they won’t be what you’re expecting. It won’t be people dying off; it will be industries. Marijuana is a powerful opponent to many industries, and some of the most at-risk industries are the same ones that sought to kill the plant off to begin with. But now marijuana is back, and she’s come to claim her victims. Read Full Story Here