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Barcelona Cannabis Club Membership

On this page you’ll find:

  • Basic Barcelona Cannabis Club Membership Requirements
  • An Offer to Sponsor you for Membership at a Cannabis Club in Barcelona
  • Comprehensive Resources to Learn more about Barcelona Cannabis Club Membership

Do you want to become a member at a Barcelona cannabis social club?  If you meet some basic requirements, we will be happy to sponsor you for membership once we have struck up a dialogue – all you have to do to find out if you qualify is email us at, and tell us a little about yourself, but please follow the instructions below:

First, please understand that this page is not meant to be promotional or advertorial.

Second, if you have questions, please read the following articles, which will tell you everything you need to know about membership at a Barcelona cannabis club, and how these private social clubs work:

Reading Materials – Cannabis Club Resources

Please read at least some of these articles BEFORE you write to ask us questions; we get hundreds of emails each week about membership at Barcelona’s cannabis clubs, so help us help you by educating yourself so that you understand what you’re getting into.

Next, all you need to do is email us.  In your email, please tell us the following:

  1. Are you 18+, or 21+? 
  2. Can you provide an address in Spain (not a hotel or hostel) for registration purposes?
  3. What specific day would you like to go to the club to register as a new member?

Please keep in mind that we do not work for the cannabis social clubs in Barcelona or any other city in Spain.  The reviews on this site are based purely on personal opinion and are not in any way meant to be construed as advertisements or promotional material for the clubs, dispensaries, or coffeeshops contained within. Not everyone who applies will be accepted for membership, sorry.

If you feel you meet the requirements to join, please email us now with the information requested above:

Here’s a more detailed list of specific posts about Barcelona’s cannabis clubs that you will find useful:

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Tourists and Marijuana in Barcelona

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81 thoughts on “Get Your Membership – Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

  1. I come from germany and I want to join a Club but I am staying in a Hostel ist possible For me to join

  2. Hi I’m traveling to Barcelona April 1-9 how do we join a club. We’re staying at a hotel how do we get a physical address? Thanks hope to hear back from you

  3. hi am coming to Barcelona in august and me and my girlfriend would like to access the club how would we do that

    1. Hey guys me and wife are passing through Barcelona for 2 days on the friday 27th and Saturday 28th October how would I register as a member

  4. good afternoon i am going on vacation to spain and will be in barcelona from july 18 – 23 .. if possible would you guys be able to get me a membership at a club , Hq if possible i hear its the best one , thank you

  5. hi am coming to Barcelona in septemebr and me and my boyfriend would like to access the club how would we do that

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