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Hash Review: RDM Special

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This hash review is for the type called “RDM Special,” which I believe was made by the folks at the RDM cannabis club, but I can’t remember from what types of weed it was made. In any case, when I asked the girl at the counter for the most potent hash they had, she recommended this type, saying that it was “very special” indeed. Turns out she was right; although this isn’t the most potent hash in the world, it is pretty special in that it has some unique characteristics. Read Full Hash Review Here

The Best Hash in the World: Riffman Gold

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The best hash in the world is Riffman Gold, but you’ll probably never be able to find any to confirm or deny my claim. That’s because in all my travels I only found this hash once and it was for a limited time. I have looked for it in several different countries and not only have I not found it, most people have not heard of Riffman Gold. I lived in Diemen, Netherlands for the first half of 2012, and it took nearly a month to get internet service at our flat. (Diemen is about a 5 minute walk from Amsterdam.) I work from my computer so that meant I had to find an alternate solution, and working from a coffeeshop was my first choice. Read More Here