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Hash Review: RDM Special

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Hash Review Rating for RDM Special: 4 of 5 Stars

This hash review is for the type called “RDM Special,” which I believe was made by the folks at the RDM cannabis club, but I can’t remember from what types of weed it was made. In any case, when I asked the girl at the counter for the most potent hash they had, she recommended this type, saying that it was “very special” indeed. Turns out she was right; although this isn’t the most potent hash in the world, it is pretty special in that it has some unique characteristics.

RDM Special Hash: Look & FeelRDM Special Hash in the hand

Although it looks like candy, Special Hash from RDM isn’t anything like M & M’s because it does indeed melt in your hands. I held onto one corner of a nice little chunk of this hash, and the other end drooped down and eventually dropped off entirely. This stuff is extremely moist and looks like a freshly baked brownie melting in your hands. You’ll be tempted to eat it.

RDM Special hash is fluffy but dense and has an intensely dark green interior that might be mistaken for brown if you don’t look closely. The outsides of Special are dark brown and shiny from where the plastic container and bag smoothed it out, but when you rip it open you can see how fresh it is by the crumbly but wet flesh of the inside.

RDM Special Hash: Taste & Smell

I’ve smoked a fair amount of hash in my time and it all smells fairly similar to me. Chocolate, coffee and spice are common descriptors that I’d use to describe a type of hash, and this case is no different. However, RDM Special smells like spicy coffee, which is a pleasant surprise, and it also has a hint of saffron and sage. These last two scents tell me that this is fresh hash.

Interestingly, there is also a unique smell to Special hash that I haven’t picked up in another type before, and I can only describe it as smelling like PlayDough.

Thankfully, the taste is similar to the best of these smells, and the primary take away on the tongue is chocolate spicy coffee. Yum!

RDM Special hash up close and personalRDM Special Hash: Potency

This type of hash is slightly deceptive because the hits are soft and smooth going in, but as you exhale you realize that the smoke is actually quite harsh. It’s takes a few tries to get the individual dosing hit right, so expect some coughing until you get this hash figured out.

After 2 hits of RDM Special from a freshly cleaned bong, I can’t really say that I was high. I did feel a tingling sensation in the top of my head, but it was transient and difficult to pinpoint and focus on.

Thankfully, after 4 puffs from the bong this stuff hit me hard and fast. My eyes swelled and closed down to slits, and my head went quite numb. It felt like there was a halo or crown or something on my head and actually caught myself absent-mindedly checking it out with my fingers at one point.

RDM Special Hash: DurationA beautiful chunk of RDM Special hash

This type of hash continues to peak strongly for about 20 minutes after smoking or vaping, so beware if you’re hitting this before you need to do something important or delicate. But even if you get intensely ripped on this stuff, you won’t have to wait long to come down. And this brings me to the main point that drops RDM Special Hash from 5 Stars to just 4: the high is extremely short-acting. In fact, after smoking this stuff several times over the course of a few days, I couldn’t get more than an hour out of it. Boo!


Comparable in the initial high to 5 Star marijuana strains like Yumboldt or Amnesia, RDM Special disappoints in that you’ll be smoking again in an hour if you want to be high for longer. Because this hash is apparently expensive to produce, this means that the ultimate share cost is rather high. Considering that it’s such a short-acting high, this price point means that it’s just not worth it for me.

However, I strongly feel that each type of weed and hash affects every person differently, so don’t let my personal experience stop you from trying this hash out.

Hash Review Rating for RDM Special: 4 of 5 Stars


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