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Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: La Mesa

Feature image - La Mesa on Carrer del Rec in Barcelona Spain

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La Mesa cannabis club is located on Carrer del Rec, in the Borne district of Barcelona. As one of Barcelona’s finest cannabis social clubs, La Mesa encourages its members to hang out, relax, meet other people, work, share ideas and promote initiatives as entrepreneurs instead of just as quick in-and-out smoker’s club customers. Producing extremely high-quality premium cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, La Mesa categorically lives up to its slogan; “Smoking Hot Since 2012.” The club is hot and so is the pot; check out this review and see what they’ve got.

Barcelona Cannabis Club Review Rating for La Mesa: 5 of 5 Stars!



(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

IMPORTANT: The cannabis club described in this review is a private association adhering to all laws and regulations governing such associations, most specifically but not limited to the following requirements:

*All new members must be sponsored by existing members. This is in keeping with the “Closed Circle” doctrine of law and the natural private state of cannabis clubs.

*All rules and guidelines in a cannabis club’s “Articles of Association” must be obeyed and enforced under Spanish law.

*All new members must be habitual or current cannabis users.

*All new members must be age 18 or 21 at a minimum, based on the Articles of Association established by each club.

*All members are advised that cannabis in public places is illegal in Spain. Outside of the private environments of cannabis associations and private homes, consumption or possession is prohibited.

La Mesa: EnvironmentDance area at La Mesa

La Mesa’s front entrance will set you in the right mood straight away. Featuring large pieces of glass emblazoned with a bright flame, La Mesa lets the sunlight in but keeps prying eyes out. As you enter the door into the spacious reception area, you will find on your left a desk and a table for member registration.

To become a member, you will need to be referred by an existing member who must accompany you and be present during your inscription. You must provide a passport or sufficient identification and, after filling out a registration form with your personal details, the Terms and Conditions of the Club will be carefully explained to you. You must sign the documents to indicate your acceptance of the terms, and upon payment of the yearly membership fee (25 Euros) you will be provided with a member card featuring a barcode and your member number.


(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

Leather sitting area at La Mesa weed club BCNIf you arrive at La Mesa with friends or family who are not members and who do not intend to join but wish to wait for you, they will be invited to do so in the front reception area. This keeps them safely off the street and helps to maintain a discreet environment. While they wait, your friends can try some delicious cucumber water courtesy of La Mesa.

[Important Note: To avoid the exchange of cash inside the club, it’s important to charge your member card with money at the registration desk in order to be able to collect anything from the club – including cannabis. Once you have checked-in with your photo ID and your fully charged member card, you can enter the main area, and collect your part of the harvest.]

As you enter the main area, you will immediately feel the warmBeautiful meeting area at La Mesa club Barcelona vintage-chic atmosphere the owners have created. Repurposed furniture, soft but colorful lights, live palm trees and decorative ventilation systems give a feeling of the art-deco period of the Roaring Twenties, while retaining some hint of post-modernism as well.

La Mesa has two principle gathering areas; the first one hosts the namesake of the place: two heavy wooden tables, “La Mesa.” This
area of the club is setup to be a work-friendly environment; a cooperative space where people can work, share their ideas, meet other entrepreneurs and promote their business activities.

On the right of this main area you will find the bar and dispensary with a wide selection of cannabis strains, concentrates, an events board and much more.

Once you’ve passed the “La Mesa” area, you can sit and chill in the second principle area, which is filled with stuffed sofas. Here you will also find an electronic mixing board and DJ station, a second bar offering snacks and drinks and a wide screen television set to whatever programming the club has selected for its members that day.

After visiting the club a couple of times I was surprised to see a wide range of different people arriving individually or with friends, primarily to study or work from the cozy environs of the club while enjoying some fresh marijuana. La Mesa is a balanced combination of a work-friendly, intellectually-stimulating space (they even provide headphones) and a place for fun, fascinating conversations and memorable encounters.

La Mesa: Marijuana Selection

La Mesa produces around 10 different cannabis strains ranging from Indica dominant strains to Sativa dominant strains to a variety of hybrids. Like other high-end clubs with balanced grow plans, La Mesa changes its menu from time to time, but during the times I visited the club, the following strains of raw flower were available:

LA Confidential
Jack Herrer
NYC Diesel
Amnesia Haze

I have tried their Blueberry (20% S/80%5 I), Amnesia Haze (80% S / 20% I) and Lavender (20% S/80%5 I) strains and I must say that they are extremely high quality. Grab our RSS feed in the upper right of this page to get updated when I publish my next post; a review of the lovely Lavender strain.

La Mesa: Accessories & EventsBoard of events at La Mesa cannabis club

To complete the vintage-chic atmosphere, La Mesa plays slow salsa and soul during the day and funk and chill-out music at night, replete with two flat screens and a wide screen playing music videos. Magazines, books, cannabis literature, board games and free Wi-Fi are available to all members.

La Mesa offers many activities in order to create camaraderie between members and to create a feeling of unity and solidarity. Each day a documentary (generally cannabis related) is shown at 1pm, and a DJ starts playing music at 7pm. The topic for documentaries and DJ set lists change on a weekly basis; schedules and programs are sent to all members in an emailed newsletter, or these events can be checked on the board next to the first bar/dispensary.

Every two weeks La Mesa organizes a Sunday Fair/Showroom for its four “members of the month” to promote their business (craft, artwork, food etc). This allows members a chance to share their passions and trades with other members in a cannabis-friendly environment; a rarity in the business world.

Service area at La MesaThe second bar for food and drinks offers healthy beverages (smoothies, fresh juices, water, coffee and tea) and a few soft alcoholic drinks like beer, wine or cava, as well as a few pastries. Some evenings, La Mesa organizes “Delivery session” nights, where the staff orders food for the members who want to have dinner for 10 Euros each, with a wide choice of ethnic cuisine such as Indonesian, Japanese, Mexican, typical Spanish sandwiches etc.

La Mesa: Staff

The staff at La Mesa is approachable, friendly and multilingual. They will make you feel welcomed and at home, and this is a distinctly different feeling than what you might find at a traditional club or bar. The president of La Mesa and its staff are exceptionally conscious about the well-being of their members, as I have observed them at nearly all times moving quickly and efficiently around to keep the place clean, organized and with all the services available with no interruption.


(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

ConclusionAwesome hang out areas at La Mesa marijuana club in Barcelona Spain

La Mesa is an outstanding place to work, read, meet like-minded people, and share cannabis in an incredibly comfortable and welcoming environment. With its wide range of high quality marijuana strains and concentrates, its warm staff and unforgettable environment, you will definitely want to come back to hang out again and again – I did!

Have you been to La Mesa on Carrer del Rec in Barcelona? Let us know about your experience there in the comments below!

Barcelona Cannabis Club Review Rating for La Mesa: 5 of 5 Stars!



(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

Even more comfy seating at La Mesa club Barcelone
Super comfy seating at La Mesa cannabis club

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136 thoughts on “Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: La Mesa

  1. Dear Russ
    Thank you for recommending Lamesa to us. It was very easy to find and the stuff over there were so friendly. I went there in February 2016 and it was amazing place with great atmosphere. We enjoyed it and I always recommend it to friends.
    I haven’t been to there since that and I’m not sure about reopen it with different name. And if they did, can I reapply to them?
    Thank you for your help.

  2. Russ,
    And what about our subscription fee? Now we have to pay again for the same club?
    I also think it is very unprofessional.

    It’s not our problem, we even are victim, of what happened. As members we trusted owners, and seems they did bad thing, according to the justice.

    The last you/they can do is contact us and offer to subscribe for free in the new club.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Me? I was just a member, just like you; I had nothing to do with it and had no choice in any of it so why should *I* do anything? And you’re not looking at this right and clearly don’t understand the court case at all. The Board of La Mesa has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. And you’re worried about what, 20 Euro? Wow. A new organization came in and bought the place; they have nothing to do with each other. In any case, leave me out of it; all I did was a favor for you, as a member, and I did it at no cost or anything. Why you’re listing me as culpable is basically a big fuck-you to me, and I don’t appreciate it.

  3. La Mesa is permanently closed since July 2016.
    Now it is re-labeled as “The Circle”, but all employees and all furniture stay the same. I’ve been told that my account at La Mesa is canceled by the very same people who sold it to me in the first place.
    Very unprofessional.

    1. Andrew, when a business is sold, the new owners can negotiate to keep the furniture or whatever else they want for the sake of convenience and many do. And the fact that El Circulo agreed to take on a large portion of La Mesa’s staff is something that we are all very thankful for. You don’t want them to have jobs? You didn’t want the club to be sold to new owners; you just wanted it to be shuttered forever? Come on mate, you should rethink this.

  4. Hello Russ. I will be in Barcelona later this month w/ my wife & we will be coming from California. Hope to see if you can get membership access to this club.

  5. La Mesa is a great club, very chill. Russ thank you for the help getting medicine, I was able to sleep. Russ was very helpful and very fast to reply my many questions. La Mesa was great, the times I went there, I was alone, but I was able to meet people that were supper friendly and was just good vibes. See you at La Mesa!

  6. We just wanted to say big thank you to Russ and La Mesa. Environment is calm and relaxing, stuff is always helpful and friendly. Really nice place where you can go and feel like at home.

  7. Just wanted to say thank you to Russ and La Mesa. The place is a great environment and I was very happy To be able to join. If your in Barcelona make sure to contact Russ and try to stop by La Mesa

  8. Me and my sister where fornunate enough to be sponsored by Russ at La Mesa. What a great place the cannabis/concentrates/edibles were all very high quality with very resonable priced! The atmosphere was fantastic and the staff was excellent! I would deffiantly rate La Mesa 5 out of 5. I cant wait to hit La Mesa up again I was in Amsterdam for 9 days before Spain and have to say the cannabis at La Mesa was just as high quality as in Holland and as I states above much more resonable priced! Ps try the silver haze and the purple diesel they where both DANK! Thanks again Russ and La Mesa for a wonderful experience!

  9. Hey Russ,
    I wanna thank you again for your great support on sponsoring us for membership at LA Mesa. Both your efforts as well as the club itself were absolutely priceless! Hope to have a little exchange about our all favorite plant soon!
    Regards, Dominic

  10. My wife and I will be visiting next month. We love the reviews on this website.

    we are older so we want to stay at a nice hotel close to these clubs and we would like to become members as well.

  11. La Mesa is amazing. Kind and friendly staff and knowledgable baristas. Relaxing environment and cold drinks. Thank you La Mesa and thank you Russ!

  12. What can I say…
    La Mesa is an amazing place. Like being in your own living room. Staff is super friendly, I meet so many interesting people and have so many interesting chats. The music is perfect, not too loud to the point where these interesting conversations can happen, without you having to scream your head off.
    Love every minute I spend here
    Thank you Russ for this 🙂
    Will be back regularly

  13. Hi, I’m 21 and coming to Barcelona with my 20 year old friend, would we both be able to get memberships for La Mesa?

  14. Hi I am looking for some weed, we are from. Ireland a day we are a group of six. Would it be possible to come tonight?

  15. Hello me and my partner are coming to barsalona in a couple of months and would love to join is there any way anyone could help please my partner has sleeping problems and doesn’t like destroying her body with tablets anyone that could help would be much appeared
    Thank you warren and Charlene

  16. Thank you, Russ!
    Club Mesa is just what I need in Barcelona. I have even tried out a couple of other places recommended on your site to get a feel for other clubs. But you were right, La Mesa has me coming back again, and again. Perfect spot that fits all my needs, from working on my laptop or having a beer with a friend. I’ll be back for the greet green, and wonderful staff!


  17. Hi Russ
    Thanks for setting up membership for me at la mesa,its a great club really friendly people running it I always have a great time!super lemon haze, lavender kush and gsc top class!
    Cheers Peter!

  18. Hello,

    my Name is Bünyamin i want come every year 2-3 Months and I want be a member of this beautiful club where can me help please?

    Thanks ✌

  19. Thank you, Russ, for your membership patronage to La Mesa. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain things very well – it made things very clear for me when I inscribed. La Mesa is an awesome club, warm, friendly, relaxed and very professionally managed. Tried the Lavender, Amnesia Haze and the candy (mango flavor). Amazing quality! La Mesa is a gem and, thanks to Russ, I am now a member of this great club.

  20. Gotta say girl scout cookies in this club is awesome and lavender mmmm 🙂
    thanks Russ for the recommendation.

  21. HI Russ !

    ​​I want to take the time to thank you very much for your patronage, and share my feeling.
    In First I am very happy to have become club member La Mesa and I look forward to returning often to taking time to enjoy.
    Because it’s really pleasant place and nice people. i can go here just for take a drink, read newspaper or practice my spanish in discovery others members, but greenery (Amnnesia, OG kush and Critical ) was very very nice also of course ! ^^ these smells in the grinder oh my god.
    As some people said, we need more of that kind of place and spirit.
    So many thanks again

  22. Hey russ heading to Barcelona on the 28th of September was looking to know if u can be a member at various clubs as looking to visit as many as possible

  23. Hi Russ, Thanks for everything. We really enjoy La Mesa. The club is very comfortable for me.
    And people are friendly.They have huge selections and super HOT !! Silver haze and amnesia ice and NYC diesel is amazing.

    I always have a great time at La Mesa.
    Thanks again!! You’re so cooool !!!

    1. Hello Rika; Thanks! That Super Silver Haze is one of my all-time favorite strains, and I like to take it one step further and add some Amnesia Iceolator to a fat joint of SSH. Is that what you did, or did you smoke the iceolator separately? Hope to see you around. Peace -Russ

  24. La Mesa has a very clean, cool and quiet atmosphere. They have a very fine strain selection : from GSC, Bluedream to Amnesia or SSH.

    Its locations in the El Born District is great, and visiting the neighborhood is awesome.

    The staff id very kind and helpful. They will answer all your questions.

    Go ahead and ask Russ to help you register to the club.

    1. Hola David; thank you for your kind words. I LOVE El Born and think that it is the best neighborhood in Barna. We are proud to have you as a member and I look forward to seeing you in the club. Peace -Russ

  25. La Mesa is great cannabis club! Russ was very helpful and his guidance made the hole experience go super smooth. Russ gave us a kind heads up on what was needed and what to expect, The club has a friendly staff and very chill members. The product there is high quality and the selection changes often, so its always exciting to come back and see whats on the menu. I enjoy hanging out there and getting a chance to chat with other happy members. Big thanks to you Russ and the La Mesa staff for always making it such a good experience!!!

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