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Marijuana Strain Review: Amnesia

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It took me a long time to do this strain review of Amnesia because I simply couldn’t find this weed at any cannabis clubs in Barcelona. It’s around, but every time I went to a club they either didn’t have it at all, or they had just sold out of it. Thankfully, my friend Z from Sweet Dreams emailed me when he got some Amnesia in at the club, so I hopped on my bike and headed over to pick some up. Of course, I did a mini “smackdown” type review of this cannabis strain a couple of months ago, but I wanted to do an all out strain review considering this is one of my all-time favorite types of weed.

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Amnesia: 5 of 5 Stars!

I’ve smoked quite a bit of the Amnesia strain during my time while living in the Netherlands in 2001, 2011 and while living right across the border in Germany during the first half of 2013. I’ve always loved this strain, but it’s never been a preferred favorite. White Widow has long been my absolute most preferred high-grade marijuana, but the particular strain of Amnesia going around in Barcelona right now just might be better.

This is interesting because I had both Amnesia and Lemnesia while sampling White Widow in Amsterdam, and the Widow was always stronger. So far I haven’t found pure White Widow here in Spain, but from what I remember of it, it’s not quite as strong as the Amnesia here.

Either way, these two strains are pretty close when it comes to potency and duration.

Amnesia: Look & FeelCloseup of the Amnesia Marijuana Strain

This particular Amnesia reminds me a lot of NYC Diesel as far as its appearance. The buds are a little dry and only mildly sticky despite being heavily crystallized. Amnesia buds don’t compress much or flake off, which means that you can handle this bud a lot without ruining it.

Nearly every marijuana strain that I have reviewed at this point had trichomes that were raised vertically with the classic heads at the tops. But this particular strain of Amnesia had trichomes that were arranged in a swept pattern, with the trichromes almost laying flat against the buds.

You might think that this is the result of something pressing up against the buds, but I don’t think this is the case. When buds are pressed the trichome heads are almost always damaged or warped, but the heads on the Amnesia trichomes were undamaged, leading me to suspect that they formed this way naturally.

Overall this leads to the appearance that the buds are furry instead of prickly when examined close-up.

Amnesia: Taste & Smell

Amnesia has a distinctly dusky fragrance that isn’t particularly unique. Its bouquet is fresh cut grass and hay, with a mixed high note of rotten wood and ammonia. This is a bouquet that is fairly common in my opinion and generally only applies to premium grade cannabis.

This strain produces mellow smoke that leaves a fresh feeling in the sinuses and a slightly grassy taste on the center of the tongue. I hate to admit that it does tend to make you cough a little bit more than other strains, but there may be some limited truth to the old stoner’s adage of;

You ‘gotta cough to get off.

Big ole pile of Amnesia weedAmnesia: Potency

Here’s the awesome thing about Amnesia; after just one hit I was plenty high.

Smiling, pie-eyed high.

After 2 hits from a glass bong I felt the high increase and take over my forehead and the top of my head. By the third hit this high crept around to my eye sockets and temples and I could have easily stopped and been powerfully high. But in the name of research I took that 4th standard measure hit and got completely ripped.

The Amnesia high then extended down from my head and moved comfortably into my neck, shoulders and upper chest. In the head I was completely wrecked and my eyes narrowed to slits, but I still possessed enough of my wits to write an article and take care of some other business.

Amnesia: Duration

Amnesia will provide even veteran tokers with an impressively strong high that will last approximately 3 hours. Inexperienced or part time users could probably get up to 6 hours out of it.

The peaking period is surprisingly long and lasts for around an hour. Exercise and eating have a moderate impact on the high, but this impact is less than that experienced when smoking most other strains.

Amnesia marijuana strain in the hand

I rarely drink so I probably don’t have much authority to say this, but I wouldn’t recommend smoking this type of weed if you’re consuming alcohol. The combination will probably just put you to sleep or have you passed out before the night has even begun.


It’d be hard to say there are better strains than Amnesia. There are certainly comparable strains, but I have analyzed dozens of the most potent strains from a number of different locations in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Mexico and I haven’t found one that I’d say is better than Amnesia.

One of my goals now is to acquire some pure White Widow and some more Amnesia (I smoked all 3 grams that I had in a day and a half) and do a comparison review. I honestly can’t say for sure which would come out on top. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Amnesia: 5 of 5 Stars!


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8 thoughts on “Marijuana Strain Review: Amnesia

  1. I only tried Amnesia with making chocolate milk edibles.

    It was definately one of the strongest and also most pleasant weeds i have tasted.

    It is an expensive weed at the shop with pricings going for 50 to 55 euro for 5 grams.

    but it is worth it. It is strong and good quality. It is strong but just makes you happy, not paranoid. I can recommend to try this one.

    Quality from shops may vary but there is nothing wrong with this strain. When you have shitty quality maybe it was harvested to early or something else.

  2. Great article russ. Amnesia is just about my favourite strain. it has been consistant in quality this year at our local cannabis social club in Alicante, Spain. I smoked some Kuff K2 in Amsterdam about 15 years ago that is the strongest I ever smoked, but I cant buy that, so I will happily settle for Amnesia!!

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