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Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Sweet Dreams

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Barcelona Cannabis Club Review Rating for Sweet Dreams: 5 of 5 Stars


Sweet Dreams is an aptly named cannabis club located on Carrer de Ballester in Barcelona. It’s aptly named because it has sweet artwork throughout, a sweet selection of weed and some pretty sweet extras. This club even offers a cannabis strain that is also called “Sweet Dreams,” which is the subject of another review. I knew right away that this was a 5 Star cannabis club, and if you go check it out yourself I’m certain you’ll agree with me that Sweet Dreams is, well, pretty damn sweet.


(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

One Cannabis Club Leads to Another. Again.

MLK Jr Wall at Sweet Dreams in Barcelona

As always there’s a story behind my reviews, and this one is connected to my review of the RDM Cannabis Club – also a 5 Star club.

After I published my review of RDM I was contacted by a founding member of the club who appreciated the good publicity and said he’d like to meet me. He wanted to show me an example of another great but smaller club and chat about marijuana.

We met at a metro station and walked a couple of blocks before arriving at Sweet Dreams. I knew right away I was going to like the place when we were met at the door by this guy who had one of the most genuine smiles I’ve seen in a while. We sat down and quickly did the paperwork. He gave me my registration card while my new friend, “N,” waited. This was the simplest and fastest registration process at any club I’d been to so far.

Sweet Dreams is One of the Most Visually Appealing Marijuana Clubs in Barcelona

Lounge area at Sweet Dreams BCN

Once inside I had to take a few moments to look around. The club is small-medium in overall size but is so tastefully packed with interesting art and perfectly placed accents that you could spend a goodly amount of time just taking it all in.

After leaving the reception area you come immediately to the long bar, which has a stunning mural based on the Michelangelo painting “The Creation of Adam.” The detail of the hands in this case shows a joint being passed, and somehow it manages to be both amusing and beautiful at the same time. Cool.

N and I sat at the bar, where I was formally introduced to the president of the club, “Z”; the same smiling man who had registered me as a member. The three of us chatted for a bit before I asked to see a menu.

Sweet Dreams Marijuana Strains and GoodiesSome awesome hash at Sweet Dreams Cannabis Club in Barcelona

Surprisingly, Sweet Dreams has a large selection of marijuana as well as hash, extracts, oils, creams and waxes. I noticed a few strains were similar to others being offered at Barcelona cannabis clubs right now, but for the most part their menu is unique.

I selected two strains that were both something like 70/30 or 80/20 Indica/Sativa blends; one is called Criminal, the other of course is Sweet Dreams, both of which are solid 4-Star performers. In fact, I’m smoking a bong of the Criminal as I write this. [Actually, I spent the better part of a day working on this and during the second half I was smoking Sweet Dreams, which I found quite fitting. It’s better than the Criminal; I’d rate it a high 4 whereas Criminal is a low 4, IMHO.]

Superior Customer Service, Chill Personalities

Marijuana wax from Sweet Dreams BCN

N and I talked for about twenty or thirty minutes at the bar, where the conversation inevitably turned to business. Z invited us to the lounge area to be more comfortable and we obliged. He brought over a bong and torch and smoked us out with some delicious hash extract. Of all the clubs I’ve been to at this point, Z has by far been the most gracious host.

The three of us sat and talked and smoked for another hour or more. Z’s English is about as good as my Spanish, so N had to translate more complex thoughts here and there, but I’m getting accustomed to this now in Barcelona. Unlike the rest of Europe, they don’t feel compelled to arbitrarily learn English here and although it’s harder for me I think it’s a good thing. The Spanish love their autonomy and as an American I can appreciate that.

After a while I got up and took some pictures and really got to know the club. Unlike Abcda and RDM – also 5 Star clubs – Sweet Dreams

Cool wall art at Sweet Dreams no 2

is more personal. Abcda and RDM are big clubs, each with a varying degree of “corporate” feeling and setup, which is important to this business. But Sweet Dreams is different; it’s intimate and sensitive and part of this is because of the art.

The Artistic Side of Sweet Dreams

On one wall there is the massive re-imagining of “The Hand of God” (a detail of The Creation of Adam), while on the opposite wall are paintings of Jimmy Hendrix, a man opening an exploding soda bottle with his teeth, and some other fascinating oddities. Opposite the main longue area is a large mural depicting Martin Luther King, Jr., with the slogan “I have a Sweet Dream” written carefully on the wall. It’s a well-done painting and in the right light it has some interesting 3D effects. It got me wondering if MLK, Jr. smoked marijuana. A cursory scan of the web turned up no information in this regard, but it did return plenty of information about Barack Obama’s admitted heavy marijuana use.

More sweet hang out areas at sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams was built well and it’s apparent that some expensive technology is in place to keep members comfortable. The air is clean, the temperature just right and the lighting is low, warm and welcoming. There are plenty of posh places to park your ass and smoke out in a completely relaxed state, but there are also tables and chairs and a large bar area.


(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)


Sweet Dreams is an up-and-comer and members will be well rewarded with a 5 Star environment and treatment. But why should I tell you every little detail about this place? Go check out Sweet Dreams on Carrer de Ballester for yourself; there’s even more to love than what I’ve written here. Additionally, you should grab my RSS feed because the guys from Sweet Dreams have agreed to let me document their oil and extract making process, so we’ll be hearing more about this awesome cannabis club in Barcelona.

Barcelona Cannabis Club Review Rating for Sweet Dreams: 5 of 5 Stars


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21 thoughts on “Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Sweet Dreams

  1. Hello Russ

    I’ve been to this club in the late august 2013, just a few weeks it opened. We were the number 100/101 registered members and they accepted us eventhough we are foreigners. Maybe because of the latin language we talk (italian) maybe because we showed so much interest in what they do. Of course you need somebody to bring you there because otherwise you would never be accepted. Ask to the guy of the nearby growshop and he will bring you there. Their Ice hash is amazingly good and quite cheap too.I defenitely recommend it.

  2. Hi Russ,
    I just found your Website and I like it a lot. It’s very informative. I’ve heard from Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona and I got an Invitation for “Jammin” last year when I was in Barcelona. Now I read this Review about “Sweet Dreams” and I’m very interested. May you help me to get a membership for this club? I’m going to travel to Barcelona this September. Would be an awesome thing 😉
    Thanks a lot, keep smoking 🙂

  3. Hi Russ,
    very nice and informative website, really like it.Living here now for awhile and looking for a social club, I just read your review about Betty Boop, also like many others got an ivitation from ¨robbie¨ to get a membership, found it dodgy so did not went. anyway i am still looking for a good Club to buy my weed. Can you advise one and also help me by being my sponsor, that would be awsome. Saludos Jeroen

  4. hi russ i am coming to barcelona, can you tell me are you legally allowed to smoke it in the clubs and can you get me a membership and how.

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment. Yes, it is legal to smoke in the clubs. For information about how cannabis clubs in Barcelona work, please see the following article I wrote which should answer all of your questions: Just email me the day before you arrive in Barcelona and I will make the necessary arrangements to sponsor you for membership at a club. Peace ~Russ

  5. Hi russ, Great website I’m taking my girlfriend to Barcelona for a week in June. I would appreciate your help to gaining membership to your better cannabis clubs as she is a non smoker and I would like to show her the nicer places

  6. Hey russ thank you for everything your website si very useful!
    May you get me the membership of this club please?
    Thank you

    1. Hi D;

      Yes, Sweet Dreams is a legal private cannabis club. I can sponsor you for membership, no problem. Basically you’ll just meet me near the club, then I will take you in and get you registered. The paperwork requires a 25 Euro YEARLY membership fee and the process only takes about 2 minutes. You will need your passport. Once you have your membership card you can come and go from the club as you please and pick up whatever marijuana, hash or extracts you want. It’s awesome and I LOVE Sweet Dreams!

      Just let me know the day before you arrive and I will set everything up for you. You can email me using the site’s Contact Page, or just hit me up on our Facebook Page:

      See you in February!


  7. That’s a good question and one that I can’t answer accurately. Most people agree that there’s around 300 cannabis clubs in Barcelona, but some estimates have that number as high as 500. However, many of these clubs are probably just a few friends that got the permit in order to be able to gather and smoke without threat of persecution, but they may not permit new outside members to join them. Based on what I’ve seen so far I think there may be around 150-200 clubs that are open to continued new memberships. We’ll know more when our cannabis club directory is built and will probably report our findings via a press release.

  8. Hi Russ. Love your website and articles especially these cannabis club reviews as I will be spending a month in Barcelona in the near future.
    Just like you, I received an “invite” from Robbie to Betty Boop and was pretty excited to check it out but after reading your review I am a bit disheartened.
    How would I go about gaining membership to “Sweet Dreams” or “RDM”
    Thank you and keep up the good work

    1. Hi Simon;

      No problem; we can get you a membership wherever you want. I highly recommend Sweet Dreams or RDM. Just use our contact form to make a reservation for membership.

      More club reviews for Barcelona and a few for Amsterdam are on the way, so come on back to check those out. We also have a massive directory of all cannabis clubs in Barcelona and Spain that will be published soon, and you can use that to choose new club memberships. See you soon and happy toking!

      1. WOW thanks for the quick reply. I am currently reading the reviews and seeing which ones I would like to choose. I am like a kid at christmas and I cannot wait to visit these establishments.
        Thank you Russ and on a final note, how many clubs are there in Barcelona?

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