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Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Abcda

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Cannabis Club Rating for Abcda: 5 of 5 Stars [author-post-rating]

This cannabis club review is for the Abcda club on Av. del Marques de l’Argentera in Barcelona, Spain. This is now one of my favorite spots in the city and on occasion I have gone more than once in a day to hang out and get premium, icky-sticky dank nugs. Abcda doesn’t have a huge selection of weed like other cannabis clubs in Barcelona, but they don’t need to because they have chosen their strains wisely.


(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

Cannabis Club Abcda Barcelona LogoAbcda is located in the Borne district, which isn’t far from where I live in Barceloneta. In fact, it’s close enough to walk there in about 10 minutes, so my first night there I went on foot from my flat. Arriving at the club, there was a discrete and secure entrance manned by an imposing-looking but pleasant security officer dressed in black with no insignia. As I approached he was guiding a man into the vestibule of the club and closed the door behind him.

I hesitated for a moment, unsure what the requirements were to register for this club. I knew that some private cannabis clubs allow anyone who lives in Barcelona to register, but some require a referral from a current member. There was a man standing outside the doors smoking a cigarette, so I asked him if I had found the right place.

Abcda in Barcelona: Member Referral Required

He eyeballed me and told me in decent enough English that indeed this was the place and that I would need to wait for the security man to allow me to enter. He asked me if I was a member and I said ‘no’, at which point he broke my heart by telling me I needed a direct member referral in order to register.

But it turns out that this guy, “P,” was a member of the club. We chatted on the sidewalk while people hurried by; it was busy in Barcelona that night and darkness was quickly falling. Nightlife was stirring.

I explained to P that I lived in Barcelona and was looking to join a good club nearby. When he learned I was American he narrowed his eyes, stepped back and looked down at me. About 6 inches taller than me, P had a thick beard and thick-rimmed glasses to set them off. He said;

“You Americans are dangerous.”

He laughed, but I wasn’t certain he was joking.

After a bit I asked P if he would sponsor me to join the club and he agreed. He guided me into the secure vestibule area where the

Abcda Club review monster bud in grow room
Abcda member grow operations. They wouldn’t let me take pictures in the club, sorry.

security guy pointed to a chair in front of a desk and asked me to sit down. Across from me sat a lovely young girl who asked me to fill out some paperwork while she examined my passport.

She collected a 10 Euro membership fee from me, explained the rules (occasionally with P translating) and then welcomed me as a member.

P and I walked into the club and I knew right away that this place was different.

Four large lounge areas were punctuated with tasteful art, large flat screen televisions were mounted high on the walls, and leather couches and armchairs lined the walls in every room. The floors were wooden and stained with a comforting grey-wash; the walls were wrapped in luxurious golden brown wallpaper. Clear and crisp music was piping in from the exposed ceiling somewhere above.

As P and I walked toward the bar area, it was obvious that the place had smoke-eaters and exhausts in operation and they were working quite well; the air was clear and fresh despite about 2 dozen patrons who were blazing it up freely.

Abcda offers FREE Soda, Juice, Water, Snacks, Coffee, Wi-Fi & More for Members

P showed me the main lounge and bar area; a huge upright cooler stocked with sodas, juice and water stood in one corner, a monstrous and expensive-looking coffee and espresso machine was against one wall, and a small table was adorned with a basket full of sweet treats.

All of this, P told me, was free for members.

He brought me to the bar and then retreated to a corner of the main lounge. There were 2 attractive women in their 20’s behind the bar; one spoke some English and one did not. I selected 3 varieties of marijuana from the large backlit menu board mounted on the wall behind the bar; Critical, Sweet Afghani and Shark. Read my marijuana strain review on these three varieties.

Marijuana Menu for Abcda in Barcelona Spain

I took this treasure and searched for a good place to examine and smoke it. P had been joined by a couple of people while I was talking to the young lass at the bar, so not wanting to intrude I found a spot on one of the couches in the front lounge area and broke out my new stash. I smoked some of the Sweet Afghani, and it was heavenly.

I melted into the couch and felt right at home.

Friday Nights: FREE Live Music for Members of Abcda

The following Friday I went back to Abcda to check out their live band. Apparently every Friday they offer live music at no charge for their members. This particular Friday there was a duo playing their guitars in an acoustic style (although they were plugged in); they played some songs that I recognized, some that I didn’t, and they were quite good. The singer was especially talented; a good-looking guy who knew how to use his voice.

P was there again and invited me to sit with his group. I did, but only after stopping to get a gram of Black Poison from the bar area. Read my review of Black Poison here.

I sat down with the group and fired up a bowl. They passed around joints and we talked for a couple of hours while listening to the duo play. I had a great time.

I’ve been back to Abcda a few more times since then, including a couple of times when my internet signal was whacked at the apartment. I sat on one of those big leather couches and used Abcda’s free Wi-Fi to work from my laptop while I enjoyed smoking pot in peace.

Being able to grab a quick water or soda at no cost is a pretty sweet benefit too.


(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

Barcelona Cannabis Club Review & Rating for Abcda: Conclusion

I love Abcda; it’s definitely a place that I’m going to frequent a lot. The ONLY negative thing I could say about the club is that, unlike other clubs in the city, they don’t have more than a few varieties of marijuana available at a time. (The most I’ve seen so far is 6 on the menu, plus Iceolator and Gasolator) However, they don’t need to offer a lot of varieties because the ones they do offer are more than sufficient to rock your world and at a reasonable price.

For instance, right now Abcda offers Black Poison, Sweet Afghani and Jacky Whyte; all of which are delicious and potent enough to keep me happy for a long time.

Barcelona Cannabis Club Review Rating for ABCDA: 5 Stars!


In my next Barcelona cannabis club review, I’ll be discussing the Cannabis Social Club Barcelona in detail, as well as three new varieties that I’ve never tried before; Super 7, Cranberry Kush, Black Mamba, and ICEOLATOR! Click the RSS button below or in the top-right corner of the site to get updated automatically when that post is published.

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18 thoughts on “Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Abcda

  1. Hi, I’m keen to join ABCDA, I have been in Barcelona for 3 months, am over 50, and British Passport holder.
    Any assistance is appreciated.

  2. Hi Russ! Thank you for a great review. I’m going to visit Barcelona very soon. Would you be so kind to hrlp me out with sponsoring?
    P.S. I wrote you an email, but email robot sa6s to me that your address is not available

    Best regards,

  3. Hi russ!first of all thanks for all those articles they are well written and quite helpful,we’re going for 3 days in barcelona on the 8th of august and would like to visit some cannabis club,do you think you could help us out,that’d be awesome!

    1. Hi Marvin; I will be happy to discuss sponsoring you for membership at a cannabis club in Barcelona. However, I cannot make any arrangements more than 24 hours in advance, so please email me the day of or day before your arrival in the city: Peace -Russ

  4. Hello Russ! I am already a member of Greenage, but this time I will live at the beach close to this club. Can you help me sign up for this club, and do you need to get memberships at both clubs to visit both or is it only necessary to sign up at one of them to get access to both? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Karl; each club is a completely different, private organization. Your membership at Green Age is only valid for Green Age. ABCDA does not accept foreigners, sorry. Peace -Russ

  5. Hi Russ! it was really exciting to read about this club that this review made me want to get in to it. Im a new in the city but got no will to play in street dealers’ games, so if its possible for you to help with membership Ill be super grateful. Best wishes, Dmitry from Russia.

    1. Hi Dmitry; ABCDA is a great place and it is one of the founding fathers of the cannabis club movement in Barcelona. However, at this time the club has been shuttered by authorities. A raid was conducted, cannabis seized and management arrested and detained. This move by law enforcement appears to be an aggressive probing investigation designed to create fear ahead of pending regulation. ABCDA is an extremely professional organization and its attorneys have countered that most of the supposed illegal excess of marijuana products were actually waste materials destined to be destroyed as part of the production process. We don’t know what will happen at this stage, but needless to say ABCDA will not be accepting new members for some time. I’ll send you an email with more details.

      1. *****UPDATE May 30 2014*****It appears that ABCDA has reopened after being shut for just a short time. Information is preliminary at this time, but it looks like the club’s lawyers have successfully dealt with the situation for the time being.

  6. Hola Russ, me encantan tus reportajes.
    El próximo sabado y domingo visitare Bcn con mi mujer. ¿Es posible que me introduzcas en algún club?

  7. Hello Russ! how are you? As I knew from the articles, membership is required to enter cannabis bars in Barcelona. (In Amsterdam everything was so easy  ) Could you find for me time to explain how can I become a member? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Khatuna;

      Indeed, the coffeeshops in Amsterdam are much different than the cannabis clubs in Barcelona. I’ve written a comprehensive article that tells you exactly how the system works and what you can expect if you become a member of a smoking club in BCN:

      Are you already in Barcelona? If not, when will you arrive? Just email me at and we can talk more about getting you a club membership.

  8. So gotta give a big thank you to my man Russ for being a gracious host, and introducing me to the cushty club ABCDA. Upon entering the premises (which I’m glad to say is more conspicuous than i imagined it to be) we were greeted by a large man who eclipsed the attractive girl that followed behind so as to go over the protocol before indoctrinating me into the club. The atmosphere was plush, and the layout pleasantly divided and discreet, which could only help when you’re sinking into the ambiance with good conversation. And of course, I mustn’t forget the fridge full of free beverages which is a classy touch. Thanks again Russ lad

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