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How to Make Hash from Kief in 5 Easy Steps

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Anyone can learn how to make hash from kief; all you need is a glass jar, a piece of wax or parchment paper and some kief. [Update for 2018: Wax paper should only be used for this particular method, which uses low heat and pressure to make the hash.  At higher temperatures and/or using other methods, wax paper may release toxins or unpleasant odors and fumes.  Industrial or commercial grade parchment paper that can sustain high temperatures is better.] This is the simplest method of hash-making, where processed kief is used as the primary ingredient. This method of making hash from kief is perfect for off-grid living and cultivation and for preppers or anyone working in remote locations with little or no access to supplies (hence the use of wax paper; this was an off-grid, remote project).

Items needed to make hash from kief

Kief hash made using this method is extremely potent and fresh-tasting, although the finished product will depend on the quality of kief that you start with.

How to Make Hash from Kief: Ingredients

  • Kief
  • Glass Jar with Lid
  • Parchment Paper or Wax Paper

How to Make Hash from Kief: Process

  1. Place kief in pile in the center of a medium square of wax or parchment paper.
  2. Fold the paper around the kief into a tight square or rectangular package; tape shut if necessary.
  3. Fill the glass jar with hot water and tightly replace lid. Handle with pot holders or other cloth if needed.
  4. Roll the jar over the package repeatedly, pressing and heating the hash for 8-10 minutes.
  5. Cool package in the refrigerator, freezer, snow, ice, etc. for 30-60 minutes. This makes the hash pliable so that it can be removed from the paper.
    Unwrap and enjoy fresh kief hash!

Fold kief into wax paper


Create neat little kief package in wax paper


Pour hot water in mason jar


Roll and or press glass jar with water over kief


Slice of kief hash

There you have it; now you know how to make kief hash with virtually no supplies or equipment in just 5 simple steps. This method is very similar to other kief hash methods, most notably the “hair iron” or “hair straightener” method. The general idea is that the kief should be pressed and heated. If you know of other simple methods of making hash from kief, let us know in the comments below or send me an email:

Rolled up slice of kief hash


Slice of Kief Hash in Hand


Fresh kief hash in pipe


Kieh hash on fire in glass pipe

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44 thoughts on “How to Make Hash from Kief in 5 Easy Steps

  1. I simply put my kief in aluminum foil and shape it and tape it and press it in my vise in my workshop. Easiest way I found. Looks and tastes like the hash I smoked when I lived in Germany!

  2. I am about to try this method, its perfect for what I have on hand already, and a simple proceedure! tx!

  3. Bo,
    1) Press the kief into a puck or wafer (I use a kief press) – it will be very crumbly at this point.
    2) Wrap the puck tightly in parchment paper [NOT wax paper unless you like smoking wax!]. Then wrap that packet in a damp paper towel. Then wrap that in aluminum foil.
    3) Bake the packet in a 190-200 ℉ oven for 8 to 10 minutes.
    4) Remove the wafer from the wrapping and press again.
    5) Repeat steps 2 thru 4 at least once more. 2 cycles will produce a pliable green hash. The more cycles you do the browner the hash gets. 4 times should be sufficient. After the second cycle, the hash is very pliable and can be pressed by hand, just work it between your thumb and forefinger. It helps to work in between parchment or cellophane (again: not wax paper) or you will need alcohol to get the rosin off your fingers.
    6) Let it cool before smoking.

    1. This is exactly right. Why can’t anyone seem to mention this original simple method but very seldom? Good job! I forgot the temp until I read your comment, thanks!

  4. I just dump all my kief into the corner of a Ziploc and work it with my hands twisting the corner of the baggie and pressing with my fingers til is a solid hard ball.

    1. I pressed 1 gram of kief into a smaller T-handled press. It came out ok it just didn’t hav much of a taste or smell and I hav been making these pucks for well over a year now. I then researched the making of hash from kief and stumbled onto ur comment above. I said F$@K it and did exactly what u described except that I tied a knot n the bag so that the kief couldn’t fall out even if I dropped it. Within 5-6 minutes the powder began to gather nto small clumps. I then began to try to gather these clumps together which was ultimately heating up the powder that still had not clumped. At exactly 9 minutes 47 seconds I had a complete, hard, and tight ball of hash. After storing both pieces of hash n separate silicone containers over night I opened and tested them today. The T pressed puck had a decent buzz but not much smell or taste. When I opened the hand rolled hash’s container I was hit with a heavy floral scent. Then, when I was breaking pieces off to put with some flower n my bowl it was so hard I had to use my knife to break it up. Then I was able to smoke it and I’ll b damned if I wasn’t reminded of the Blonde Lebanese hash I used to pay twenty dollars a gram for back n the 80’s!!!!! It tasted absolutely GREAT!!! Thank u sooooo much. This will b extremely useful n the future. Thanx again!!

  5. I just wanted to say if anybody has a problem making kief all you have to do is buy a 11$ coffe grinder and grind it a lot. And ive alwyas used the hair straightener way but i will try this way thanks!!

  6. I’m going to try this out right now ill tell u how it works and pic of the looks. Does it matter how much i was at a time and what is it the longer u roll it the better it turns out

  7. I usually just take my kief, grab a two small pieces of aluminum foil, put one underneath the kief and the other on top. give it a few quick passes with my little torch, and press with the bottom of my grinder. Works great every time.

  8. Just got a half lb of trimmings and kiefed it using an old white undershirt made of extremely thin material.
    Yours was the first hash recipe I found; and the end product is sitting in the freezer right next to the corn beef hash and hash browns ;p

      1. 3-6g of kief would take me forever to get. I need to invest in a silk screen and start keeping all my clippings from my operation going now lol

  9. How much cleaning do you recommend to do on your kief? My grower dropped off a half pound of kief but it’s pretty green which indicates quite a bit of plant matter.

    1. Hola Joshua; you should sift that as much as you can; buy yourself some good filters or even a filter box and then you can grade it if you want. Trying to enjoy kief that’s too green is impossible. Best wishes Peace -Russ

  10. Tried this method tonight and it turned out beautifully. Mine turned out a tad blonder than yours and I rolled it for a good 10 minutes. Next time I’m going to put the extra elbow grease in and go for 15. Thank you for this method, it’s a keeper!

  11. Super simple way to make hash if you work on your feet all day. Wrap it up tightly like in this article, then seal in some heavy plastic and place under your heel in your shoe/work boot. After 8 hours of walking on it the press is done

  12. I know this post has aged somewhat, and I don’t know if it’s going to work, but I am currently heating the kief with my laptop charging battery pack which, after a few hours of charging, becomes boiling hot.

  13. Appreciate the great work man, thought I recognized you & turns out I’ve come across some other content of yours. Great cause, grade A stuff, Russ.

  14. well done for the awesome work hopefully things will change in this silly country soon .all the best keep up the good work . domingo from england

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