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Reviver Wipes Hide the Smell of Weed

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Reviver clothing wipes are great for hiding the smell of marijuana; an unfortunate but necessary need for users of cannabis all over the world. Just smoked some good green and now have to pass your non-smoking colleagues in the hall? Reviver wipes remove the smell of weed from your clothes and hair. Don’t want to smell like a roach in a crowded space? Reviver clothing wipes are exactly what you need, and I tested them personally to make sure they work.

There are huge advantages to using Reviver deodorant wipes over traditional methods of hiding the smell of just-smoked marijuana. In the past, most people chewed fragrant gum, doused themselves in cologne or perfume, or even worse – smoked a cigarette to mask the smell of marijuana.

That’s disgusting, but I’ve done it.

The problem is that these methods are not at all efficient; gum really only freshens your mouth, and colognes and perfumes are justReviver Wipes review - front of package too damn overpowering and often raise suspicions instead of quelling them. Furthermore, using a scent is a lot like spraying Glade air freshener in the bathroom after you just took a monstrous dump; all that’s going to do is make the room smell like roses and poop.

Reviver Wipes are Different

But Reviver wipes are used in a way that completely alleviates these issues. By inserting the wipe over your fingers, you can pass the wipe directly over your clothing and hair, thereby “removing” the smell of weed by integrating the Reviver deodorant into the individual fabric fibers and hair strands. By making several passes up and down your arms and legs, you can completely mask the smell of marijuana and leave nothing behind but the scent of the deodorant in the wipes.

The Reviver Clothing Wipes Test

At one time I worked in a large bank, and every day I would go out into the parking lot and smoke my lunch. I’d then pop a piece of gum in my mouth and head immediately to the bathroom when I got back inside. This meant passing through security each day hoping that I didn’t reek like weed, although I undoubtedly did. I’d then wash my hands with fragrant soap and head for the cafeteria to get some snacks to help mask the smell of pot. Perfume and colognes were not allowed on the premises (awesome policy, IMHO!) and I wouldn’t have used them anyway as I find them to be outrageously obnoxious and more than a little noxious.

Reviver Clothing Wipes - back of packageWhen I was first introduced to Reviver wipes, I remember thinking how convenient they would have been back in those old banking days, so I decided to put the wipes to test.

I went out to my car on the 24th of March, 2014 with my new Cloud Penz 2.0 concentrate vaporizer (review to come!). I cranked the heat and sat there for 15 minutes; taking hit after hit from the Cloud and blowing the dank smoke deliberately all over my jacket, pants, and even scooping my hand in front of may face to get the smoke in my hair. After 15 minutes the car was pretty smoked out, so I stepped out and opened the Reviver package.

I ran the Reviver wipe up and down my arms and legs, directly in my hair and then swiped it lightly along my neck a couple of times, just to be sure. I was not chewing gum or using any other type of mask.

No more than 90 seconds after stepping out of the smoke-filled car, I slowly walked by a non-smoker who was positioned halfway up the stairs, forcing me to pass by her at close range. I walked up and down the steps repeatedly, running multiple tests, and with each pass this person would take a deep breath. I’d exhale at the same time to make sure that if there was any smell of weed on me, she’d detect it.

But she didn’t.

I made pass after pass, and all she was able to smell was the light deodorant scent of the Reviver wipe, which is a little fruity and sort of smells like scented dryer sheets.

Essentially, I had her act like a suspicious colleague at work, and at no time was she able to detect any smell of marijuana.Reviver Wipes work on the left or right hand

My conclusion is that Reviver wipes are a must-have for any cannabis user who still lives under threat of exposure and possible persecution by authorities or even your neighbors, or for people who just don’t want to smell like smoke of any type.

You can use the same wipe quite a few times and it will still work. I just ordered a small box of them and will keep them in my car, jacket and one in my backpack. Even though I work in the cannabis industry for a living, it’s still necessary for me to hide from many people that I use marijuana, and I’ve never found a product quite like the Reviver clothing wipes. If you keep a couple of these on hand and chew a piece of gum after smoking, you can get right up close and personal to a non-smoker and they won’t be able to detect a thing except the fresh scent of your clothing.

Reviver has a number of different packages that you can buy, which is great because you can pick these up cheaply and pass them around to your friends, family and colleagues if you work in the cannabis industry like I do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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2 thoughts on “Reviver Wipes Hide the Smell of Weed

  1. These are amazing! I found Reviver at Walgreens and it has saved my behind more times than I can count. Great find.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. A piece of gum and a Reviver wipe, and you’re pretty much immune to nosey noses. I’ll be making these Reviver wipes a part of my 420-friendly gift giving this upcoming holiday season. And by holiday season, I mean April 20th. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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