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BubbleBagDude Review – 5 Gallon Bubble Hash Filter Bags

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This BubbleBagDude hash filter bag review is for the 5 bag, 5 gallon bucket set as available on Amazon in the United States. Overall these bubble hash or marijuana extraction filter bags are an incredible value and will work well for both novices and professionals. And don’t let the low price fool you; as this review will attest, I achieved surprisingly good yields of premium iceolator using these bags.

Marijuana Product Review Rating for BubbleBagDude Extraction Bags: 5 of 5 Stars!

BubbleBagDude Review Methodology

For this review, I used the filter bags to process marijuana buds only; there was no trim in this test. Buds were broken open by hand to expose the interiors and nearly all stems were pulled out of the flowers.

I used the BubbleBagDude filter bags on three separate occasions over the course of one week; the first two times I washed the flower twice, and the final time I washed the flower three times. I used all 5 filter bags each run/wash, but on the last wash of the last run I only used the 220, 120 and 73 micron bags.

The filter bags were fitted over a standard 5-gallon bucket as depicted in the photographs accompanying this post, and approximately 3 ½ gallons of water, 5 pounds of ice and around 3 ounces of dried flower was used each for each run. Individual washes were agitated for 18-20 minutes, with several 60-120 second breaks spread throughout to allow settling of the trichomes.

BubbleBagDude 120 Micron filter bag

BubbleBagDude Filter Bags: Form

BubbleBagDude extraction bags are strong, lightweight and visually appealing with the vibrant colors of the 5-bag set. In this set, the filter bags were designated as follows on a tag sewn tightly to the collar of each bag:

Blue: 220 microns
Red: 160 microns
Orange: 120 microns
Yellow: 73 microns
Purple: 25 microns

These iceolator or hash filter bags are easy to use; they slip perfectly over the edge of a standard 5-gallon bucket. I placed each bag about ½” to ¾” higher than the last (starting with the purple bag) by rolling the collar of the bag further down than the last and then pulling it up so that the actual filter component doesn’t touch the filter of the next bag down.

BubbleBagDude bags are strong enough that you can press the water out by squeezing and/or rolling the bag, but I don’t recommend this. Instead, it’s better to allow the water to drain out via gravity while slowly pulling all the trichomes into the center of the filter using a spoon or other implement. This method allows you to collect more product from each run and does less damage to the hash, resulting in a much cleaner and stronger finished iceolator.

BubbleBagDude Setup for Iceolator
This is all you need to produce potent bubble hash. Well, this and some cannabis of course.

The bags stand up to rigorous agitation; you’ll never worry about tearing or wearing these bags out, provided you don’t agitate the surface of the filter directly. BubbleBagDude has also made their bags easy to clean; even though the process requires the use of some of the stickiest substances known to man.

Finally, this product is rounded out with the inclusion of a 25-micron drying pad (works great!) and a storage bag that neatly and conveniently keeps everything needed to make iceolator in one tight package.

Water and bucket ready to go for BubbleBagDude

BubbleBagDude Filter Bags: Function

Using these marijuana extraction bags requires a little finesse and there is a natural “learning curve” as you get familiar with them. The first run wasn’t that impressive as you can see below, but the successive runs yielded an incredible amount of clean bubble hash:

  • Run 1: approximately 3 ounces of Citrus Sap strain, 2 washes yielding 8.9 grams of iceolator
  • Run2: approximately 3.5 ounces of Limelight strain, 2 washes yielding 20.2 grams
  • Run 3: approximately 3 ounces of Citrus Sap strain, 3 washes yielding 16.5 grams

(Note: After writing most of this review, I found a bag of scraps and bits of this-and-that, including some shake and trim. There was probably about 1.5 ounces of various bits of weed in there, and after using these filter bags for the 4th time to process it, I yielded as much as I did on this run as I did on Run 1, which used twice the raw material.)

Ice and weed in BubbleBagDude filter bag

As you can see, with Run 1 I was just getting to know the bags, after which I made some improvements that obviously worked for runs 2 and 3. With each run, the largest yield – by far – was from the yellow 73 bag, which in my opinion is the best type of iceolator.

BubbleBagDude Filter Bags: Customer Service

I purchased these extraction bags online from Amazon; shipping was fast and I was happy with the process overall. After using the bags a couple of times I shared some posts of the resulting iceolator on various social media and eventually was contacted by the owner of the company. He offered me assistance with anything I needed and thanked me for sharing my experience with his bags. As I have said before in other reviews, company owners and staff that are active on social media often indicates a strong desire to offer proactive customer service.

Water color after filtering with BubbleBagDude filter bags

I haven’t had any problem with these filter bags, but if I did I wouldn’t worry about it too much as BubbleBagDude offers a 100% guarantee and allows returns within 30 days. I read so many 5 Star reviews of this product on Amazon that I was confident – and rightly so – that I would be satisfied.


Although BubbleBagDude extraction bags are an excellent overall value, the bags probably won’t last for more than 10 full runs, assuming 2-3 washes each run. Over time the filters become clogged and lose their ability to filter, despite even my best cleaning efforts (no chemicals used). This isn’t specifically a fault of the maker, it’s just a fact that all filters stop filtering over time. Additionally, the stitching began to come undone slightly on 2 of the bags after just a couple of runs, and the resulting fibers had to be cleaned out of the iceolator later with tweezers. The bags with the most thread loss were the blue (220) and red (160) bags. But even if these bags only lasted for about 10 runs, at an average cost of just $30, it’s still a spectacular deal. In fact, in my opinion, these bags work so well and are so cheap that it’s worth it even if you only plan to use them once.

Have you used BubbleBagDude hash extractions bags? Let us know in the comments section below!

Marijuana Product Review Rating for BubbleBagDude Extraction Bags: 5 of 5 Stars!

Scraping the 73 Micron BubbleBagDude filter

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4 thoughts on “BubbleBagDude Review – 5 Gallon Bubble Hash Filter Bags

  1. Thanks very much for the informative review. Could i ask – what did you do differnetly to get such better yields? Any tips you can share? thanks!

    1. I don’t remember exactly now, but I do recall that I agitated for longer and more vigorously, and that I had someone hold the filter open while slowly spooning all of the trics into a central pile – this last part seemed to help more than anything else, as it saved a lot of good material from getting stuck to the filters. I just ordered and received a new set of these bags and will review them again and make some additional notes to this post, so make sure to subscribe. This time I will be much more methodical in my reporting. Thanks!

      1. My first bags are being delivered tomorrow and I’m trying to decide what weight of product to use. Some folks are saying up to eight ounces but the consensus seems to be six, max.

        You used much smaller weights, what do you think?


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