Madrid Cannabis Club Membership: What You Need

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Here we unveil the great mystery of getting membership at a cannabis club in Madrid.  Just kidding; it’s quite simple.  The main requirement for joining a Madrid cannabis club is to know someone on the inside – these are private clubs, after all.  Other than that, there are just 5 more things that you need to get membership at a marijuana club in Madrid, Spain:

1. Again, Have a Sponsor

If you know or can meet someone who is already a member at a cannabis club in Madrid, then it’s relatively easy to join.  Because Spain’s cannabis social club model is dependent on the Constitutionally-protected status of Private Associations, you can’t just pop in from Placa del Sol and sign up.  You need a current member of the club, in good standing, to personally recommend you for membership.

2. Be 21, or 18+, Depending on the Club

Madrid’s cannabis clubs are mostly 21+ establishments, but there are a few clubs that permit those who are 18+ to join.

3. Have a Valid ID

A valid, up-to-date government-issued identification card is required to join any of the cannabis clubs in Madrid.  It’s also required every time you enter the club after you join.  You can go to the club every day, multiple times per day, but the moment you don’t have your ID present, you’ll be refused entry.

Madrid cannabis club membership sponsor offer

Do you need a sponsor to join a cannabis club in Madrid? Interested parties should contact the author directly:

4. Pay a Small Yearly Membership Fee

To support their member base and the administration thereof, most Madrid smoker’s clubs ask for a small membership fee, which is renewed annually.  This fee, paid during your initial inscription at the club, generally runs from 10 to 80 Euro, and entitles you to use the club as much as you want during open hours, for one year.

5. Authorize the Club to Grow on Your Behalf

As an Association or “Collective,” you will grant permission to the club to grow and/or produce cannabis products on your behalf.  This is explained in detail during your membership inscription, but basically, you’ll be asked how many “grams” per month you need the club to produce, and you can choose from 5 to 80 grams in response.

6. Register with a Regular Spanish Address

A regular residential address in Spain consists of: Name, street name, street number, floor number, apartment or door number, and the post code of your locality.  A hotel or hostel address won’t be accepted by most cannabis associations in Madrid, so make sure you supply the proper type of address.  Don’t worry – the club will never mail anything to the address or reveal this information to any outside party – it’s just used during your registration.


1. You Need to be a Resident of Spain to Join

Not true!  This is perhaps the most-circulated myth concerning Madrid cannabis clubs, and it’s mostly not true.  There’s no legal requirement for a club to exclude non-residents, but some – just a few – do.  But for the most part, a club isn’t concerned about where you are from.  These private associations are more concerned with what type of person you are, and whether you’ll make a good member for the club.  I’m an American, and I’ve never had any trouble joining clubs.  Inside, you’ll see people from all over the world, and from all walks of life.

2. You Need a Medical Condition to Join

Not true!  Recreational and medical users are treated about equally at most cannabis clubs in Madrid.  However, there are a few clubs that cater to medical users with special benefits, discounted products, etc., but this is not a condition of membership.

Do you belong to a private cannabis club in Madrid?  Let’s hear about it in the comments section below!

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